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✔ How Eco-Friendly Are You?

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Are you ecological? How Earth friendly are you?
Are you good for the nature? How green is your life?
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Rhea Thiessen says:

There should be a question about diet


Eco Unfriendly

Malachi Lopez says:

green warroir

Zultilus TV says:


Kathy Dow says:

I got 245 or 250

Tyra Trandy says:

I got 200 points so I am Eco Friendly yay!!! this is life hehe?

zack playz and other stuff says:

global waring isn't bad! there have been many fluxuations in the planet's temperature, and just because we're causing it doesn't make it any different!

FlitzyHD says:

I scored 0 I'm not a fucking hippie but I don't like to litter I just put stuff in the trash


ArticwolfGirl says:

I never lettered in my life and I'll keep it that way as a goal yay'!

Jennifer Ann Shaji says:

eco friendly 🙂 240 points

no videos here says:

i got 60 seriously? i cud leave earth and it would be better?! 🙁

Dmgie _ says:

to bad no question about car engines. I would get no points on it because bigger engine=better engine to me

Lain Hikaru says:

This must be a coincidence but I dreamt I was helping a hot girl with recycling tonight,then after talking about the importance of recycling it turned into a regular porn dream lol.

FuzzyWuzaCat says:

I got 280


The Naked Argonian says:

In the middle of eco-friendly, but I also like those high-power sports cars, especially the old 1960's ones ones with carburetors. I should probably be a tad lower on the score, but I still believe that immediate-area air pollution and deforestation are the biggest issues.

Chocolate Moon light says:

I got over 300 is that good

Avery Hays says:

I got hesitant

Minte Mojo says:

I got 160-240 😀

Lord Kacperov says:

"Green warriors" are also being blinded by Greenpeace. Yes, the pollution we're making should be reduced, but the rise of CO2 in the last 2 centuries has HELPED plants and trees grow! And usually before entering a new Ice Age the temperatures on the planet RISE! And it's been several thousands years ago since the last Ice Age, so we're either killing ourselves or we're going to have a hard time surviving on this planet thanks to Mother Nature. 😛

Lord Kacperov says:

Do NOT use the words global warming! It's climate change.

maddison hobbs says:

60 points on the money eco unfriendly I knew it XD

Pink girl19 says:

Im Hesitant, and i got 140 points c:

The Paranormal says:

300.. Let's save the earth! ?

Eliina says:

Eco friendly ☺

AnonymousXD says:

I got 260!! I'm proud to be a Green Warrior, let's save God's creation (with respect to atheists)

Elizabeth Piang says:

cough I got like 30

Abir Khan says:

300 points. wow feel like I'm going to be a hero

Greta G says:

I got eco-friendly. I really enjoyed this quiz.

ShannonTheStout says:


Nature Kit says:

Lol "Do you save energy at home"

"C. Yeah, I never leave the lights on"

Me: "lol I never have the lights on even when it's midnight and I'm in the room, my eyes make it seem like it's as light as day in pitch black, I'm weird"

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