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Minimalism & Sustainability | Living Simpler & Greener

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Some of my thoughts on how trying to live more sustainably led me to minimalism and why they can work so well together.

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Ann Jorka says:

So true! Great insight! Thanks for sharing your understanding of minimalism and how to live a sustainable life!

Belle Rousse says:

This is really cool! I subbed! <3 I am trying to be sustainable too 🙂

Dutchesloves Fashion says:

Finally someone that says how it is. I see a lot of minimalism videos where the just throw away (donate) there stuff, but there are so many items donated that there is a hole new problem. In Africa there are villages completely overcome with the clothing that we are donating. If you want to go in a more minimal way just don't buy any new stuff and use what you already have bought and when it's used up don't replace it. Or sell the items or give them away so you now that the items will be reused in stead of being dumped in Africa. And if you really want to donate just look into the place where you want to bring you're items and check what happens with you're stuff, is it's really going to be reused again or if there is just an overflow of items and because of that items just will be tossed or dumped. Thanks for making these videos and letting people see an other way of being a minimalist and living with less. Maybe you could make a blog about those dumping grounds in Africa to let people realize that donating isn't all that it seem and that just wearing what you have and just don't buy any new stuff is a better way to go!

Charitey Bilbruck says:

I love your channel it has really inspired my journey of self discovery, awareness, and the healthy minimalistic approach ❤ thank you for sharing your life and inspiring others

style revivalist says:

A well thought of video. Thank you. I have only recently come to minimalism awareness, although in my own way I've being on this journey for about four years without recognising it as minimalism. Veganism has been, and continues to drive my consciousness. As you say, for me at this stage, it isn't how little I can own, but rather reinspecting everything I do have and letting go of what is not loved, needed or truly wanted. Certainly a journey rather than a destination.

Rachelle Love says:

I also got into sustainability as a fashion designer when I learnt the impact of clothes 🙂

Natalia Melo says:

gosh i totaly agree with you

Books4LitSouls says:

I like this video

Elle W. says:

Love this! I am so happy these ideas are being spread on YouTube. I love the platform of this website, but there is a large culture of hauls within the beauty and fashion community. Not that hauls are inherently bad, but there are certain YouTubers where 50% of their videos are hauls. When I was young, maybe about 7 or 8 years ago, when I was about 16 years old and I started watching YouTube videos, the culture was extremely consumerist. As I said, I was very young and so this really formed how I acted at that age. I began to think that having more clothes and shoes and makeup and so on was something that would make my life enjoyable and complete. Boy was I wrong, for many reasons. When I was 18 I began living more minimally, not out of choice but because I had started university and was very broke after paying tuition. However, I soon realized that this was a much better way to live with less stress and anxiety from my environment and my bank account lol. Anyways, long post but I hope channels like yours will inform adolescents in a better way than I was informed at that age. So happy to stumble upon your channel, looking forward to more videos!

Kristhinker says:

Hi! Nice video.. Do you have your room tour or home tour video?
I subscribed as well. Keep it up!

Patti Doyle says:

I agree. I think sustainability, minimalism, and zero-waste concepts work together beautifully to make me think my purchases all the way through. I came to these three via my vegan journey, and while I have perfected none of my quests, I am definitely so much better than I've ever been before. I've always wanted to know how I could make a difference…and now I believe i do.

Marie says:

Man, I wish I had found your videos before I did the obsessive KonMari declutter. For some reason I never put it together that minimalism is connected to sustainability. I'm cringing thinking about how much stuff I just threw out. But now I'm almost completely zero waste so maybe I can reverse that impact?

Rebecca SJ says:

Loved this video, you addressed some tough ideas very eloquently! I'm a college student so I value good prices but am working away from that and focusing more on reusing and recycling as well as supporting ethical/sustainable brands. It can be tough to explain these concepts to friends and family who just seem to want it all at cheap prices – how would you start a conversation and try to open their eyes to the impact of such a lifestyle? Thanks 🙂

Chelsea R says:

I really appreciate your approach. I agree with you completely about being intentional about already using what I already have and not massively decluttering but working to be intentional about where things go. Thanks for making this video!

Bi wi says:

I like to say I live an essentialist life. I have what is essential/important for me.
Everyone is different and needs different things. some of us need less, some of us need more.

Lea says:

i care a lot about being responsible and keeping my values, but then when i buy something not second hand i feel guilty so i keep on buying second hand clothes for really cheap which i actually don't need at all

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