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🌿40 ways to be more eco-friendly FROM TODAY + downloadable guide

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Download the 30 day challenge ➡ https://rachelaust.me/blog/2019/10/23/40-ways-to-be-more-eco-friendly-from-today
My Compost Guide ➡ https://rachelaust.me/blog/2019/10/23/how-i-compost-in-an-apartment

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Aislinn says:

Kmart has started selling reusable sandwich and snack bags for $4-$5 for a set of 3, which are awesome replacements for ziplock bags (and much cheaper then stasher bags)

Jessyka Iskander says:

Learn to mend your clothes! So life changing. Fix a hole, hem pants, take in a skirt. A lost art.

Paige Robertson says:

Pllllease update your videos with proper closed captioning!

Gina Leigh says:

Tbh a lot of this stuff would save you money in the long run anyway. Growing your own stuff, using scraps to make cleaning supplies, beeswax covers, reusable makeup remover things, mensural cups, switching off plugs, using an airer instead of a tumble dryer. Help look after the planet as well as your Wallet 😉

Mari Nordskog says:

Did you make your "little granny jar cover" yourself?? Can we please please please have a DIY??

Paige Almaraz says:

Does anyone know how to take properly take care of things like wooden dish scrubbers and wooden toothbrushes…. i has purchased them before but have been hesitant because the wooden objects would absorb the water and start to mild. Is there a way to make them last longer?

Sophies Choices says:

This is amazing Rachel!!

diiiiiisa says:

I would love it if you’d make much longer videos!💞 I’m used to watching 30-50min long videos and think you have such wonderful content.

Sarai Garcia says:

Can you do a clothing collection video. I love your style!

banksyyy says:

I use the glass jars to make Balt salts or candles in and gift them at Christmas etc 😇

That'sWhatSheDid says:

Hey, this video was amazing! I always love the way you edit and put your videos together, so enjoyable to watch. Also I am so happy that you have started you low waste journey. I have been on mine for a bit as well and am making a low waste video for my channel. Thanks for the great tips!

whipped94 says:

Thanks for bringing attention to the bucket in shower trick – people don't mention it a lot and its so effective!

Major-Xeno Fouquereaux says:

I feel llike Rachel mentioned somewhere what safety razor she uses, does anyone recall this?

La C says:

Was the solid dish soap you were using? I need to find out more about that!

Kankan Kankan says:

Ooh what’s wrong with yr face, y the colour so white ?

MK Hobson says:

We reuse old cottage cheese, sour cream etc containers. They're still plastic….but we literally use them for years. We just put them on the top rack of our dishwasher and they're just fine! However, I would use a different container for soups.

LaPrincipessina90 says:

Stop eating meat.

Mariah Barnes says:

@rachelaust where are your kitchen dishwashing brushes, block, soap etc. from?

j_szpinda says:

don't put hot/warm things to your refrigerator, it uses way more energy to cool them down.

K H says:

OMG I remember watching your concrete lamp video and you’ve changed SO much!! I love it!! Definitely happy I found your channel again!❤️❤️✨

razendel says:

Why arent you in CHARMED……Love ur videos

Zoe C says:

A note about keeping your blinds closed to save energy. That cuts air circulation near the window and can result in condensation forming on the interior pane and can damage the finished around the window. Depends on the temp difference between the interior and exterior panes of the window and relative humidity of your place.

Teagan says:

Washcloths instead of paper towels! We only keep one paper towel roll in case we really need it. Otherwise, we use reusable washcloths.


A very helpful video. But one huge important thing was missing here: cutting out MEAT ouf of your diet! Or at least REDUCING the consumption of it.

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