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1 biggest gardening mistake

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1 biggest gardening mistake :-
In this video learn about 1 common mistake we all make in one garden. and a simple way to correct it. in this video we have covered the most common gardening mistake and it’s easy solution to revive the plant.
About channel :-
In Organic Gardening channel, we use organic way for growing and caring of our garden’s plants. in this channel we always try to give you all gardening related information like soil preparation, making of organic fertilizer, making of organic pesticide, care & tips related to plants that we brought from nursery & many more information related to organic way of gardening.
So please our channel regular to learn the creative way of organic gardening and also give your valuable opinion to improve more.

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Nalini C says:

Very good info…thank u…🙏🙏

Flaming V says:

Nice information for container Gardening.
Thank you

reji rajesh says:

Good info…

Parthasarthy Iyengar says:

Pls tell whether the above plant has survived after u had made holes in the pot ?

Kindly also tell us how to drain out excess water during the rains when due to heavy rainfall water is continuously pouring in the potted plant kept in the windows which can cause root infection due to heavy watering.

Thank you for posting such informative videos. Pls reply on the above queries.

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