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10 Eco Friendly Habits I Use To Be More Sustainable | Aja Dang

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I’m Aja Dang and here are the 10 eco friendly habits I use to be more sustainably responsible. In my opinion, these eco friendly tips are for everyone. Climate change is very real and if we don’t help to reduce waste and be more sustainable, our future will be very scary.

I suggest zero waste swaps, ways to reduce reuse recycle and how to build eco friendly living habits at home. Moral of the story – just do what you can. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not doing enough to help this planet. We all have to start somewhere.

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Website: http://www.ajadang.com
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Podcast: http://bit.ly/2Yyj9fJ


Emily Tran says:

I recently started watching your videos and I loveeeee this video. Honest, straight forward, nonjudgmental, and informative!!!!! Absolutely love the new FRIENDS shirt too and it’s totally going to be my new favorite shirt when I receive it in the mail

Aliha Iftikhar says:

I’m a bit confused with why people filter water like if you get rid of the fluorine/chlorine then all the water born microbes will easily come back and you shouldn’t try to remove ‘impurities’ as pure water is very dangerous for your health. The only problem I see is micro plastics which filters don’t remove. (This is only for people from developed countries who have supposedly safe to drink tap water btw)

ceejofficial says:

i adore you and this video

Wynn Horton says:

Animals are friends, not food. YOU are vegan hopefully. it isn't s hard as you think and the more become vegan the more available vegan products become…and cheaper. Try making one meal a day vegan and then gradually 2 and after 5 years or so all meals. Pigs are often boiled alive, male chicks are ground-up alive….

owlpuff says:

Unsubscribing after many years of being a follower because of the way you are trashing a healthy, balanced vegan diet and discouraging people from trying it out just because you’re not properly informed on the existing valid studies. I’m just disappointed, really… Best of luck.

Tamara Fagan says:

Thank you for being vocal and sharing this! I know this isn’t completely on brand for you but I adore this! You gave me some great ideas. Please keep this conversation going by posting more videos or putting in a little about being eco-friendly as often as possible here on YouTube and in all your social media. I’m so happy that so many people I follow are going down this wonderful path and sharing their journey with us.

Valerie Paez says:

No Tox Life in LA. 😊

Tori's Story says:

I think you've FINALLY convinced me to replace paper towels with reusable cloth! I always said it was one of my very few "vices" when it came to being sustainable (along with loving long showers…) but seeing how easy it looks for you has really inspired me to try getting some cloth towels instead. And I will for SURE be checking out Sustain LA, omg!!! Maybe I'll make a video about it… if anyone wants to see a tour of Sustain LA on my channel, go comment on my latest vid to let me know! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKWaALX5vDJ6qshlG-9Id3Q/featured

phoenixlament115 says:

I love your ideas and how honest you are that zero waste is not achievable by everybody, but we can all do something better.

A small note, however, Europe is not a country, it is a continent, where there are many separate countries. I just wanted to mention that, as I have heard from several USA citizens the same statement and I believe we should all be better educated about world geography. 🙂

Phillippa Jane Clements says:

this is SUCH a good video, thank you

Lara Breanne says:

I assumed composting was a thing in the States because it is here in Canada! I live in Toronto and they pick up the organics bin just like the recycling or garbage. It's so sad to hear that 🙁

Lauren Edwards says:

Loveeeee this. Thank you!

Quentin T says:

I'm French and many of us use paper towels as well.. I stopped using them as well

つゆざきゆか says:

Bin-cho tan yes you pronounced right😜

monika vilardo says:

will you have more sizes for your merch? I really want the friends shirt 🙁

Living Listed says:

Just started watching. You talking about climate change is actually very pertinent to your merchandise and probably will help with selling.

M Chua says:

It is sooo important that we do our best for the planet love this vid so so much

Leticia says:

Love this!! I've been thrifting for years! The only thing I buy new are intimates but everything else is used! Really want to get rid of paper towels as well, thanks for the tips!

Baylie Minter says:

Had to unsubscribe…Watch Cowspiracy…

Sandra Mansfield says:


Anna Ludwig says:

We need more content like this! Thank you <3

Riz K. says:

Stopped watching as soon as you defended eating meat while wearing your “friends” animal merch 👎🏼

Francesca Cappai says:

Some of these things are automatic in Italy… the problem with my country is the use of plastic water bottles… the us are much better at that than us

Francesca Cappai says:

Veganism is not necessarily more eco friendly than eating meat

Mary King says:

Thank you SO MUCH for standing up for this. More people need to realize how serious issue climate change is. Thanks for using your voice and your platform to support what's right.

Few things to add on to the video: I really believe in this phrase "We don't need a few people who practice perfect veganism. We need A LOT of people who do it imperfectly." The same thing goes with zero-waste and low-impact life. I think way too many people get intimidated about cutting out meat and dairy products, but if we all start step by step, it's really not that bad. I used to eat meat almost daily, but I've reduced it from 7 times a week to 3 times a week, and then 1 time a week, and now I barely eat red meat and poultry. That took me about 7 months to transition. I encourage all non-vegans to participate in #MeatlessMonday, or if you are able, just eating meat only on the weekends. Just doing that makes SUCH a huge difference!!!!

peekaboo peekaboo says:

Happy Mid Autumn festival to you, Aja!

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