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10 eco-friendly travel products (natural, plastic free & zero waste)

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Here are my top 10 favourite eco friendly travel products to help you be kinder to the planet while on the move!

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All the products I mention in the video are linked below:

Shampoo bars from Funky Soap http://amzn.to/2F4dW4V
Soap from Holland & Barrett https://goo.gl/NqUpav

Cotton travel towel http://amzn.to/2DCvaJG

Sun lotion from Green People (100ml travel size) http://tidd.ly/f89dcc1a

Bamboo toothbrush & case from Zero Waste Club – https://goo.gl/fF2nEF

Safety Razor – http://amzn.to/2Dum4eI

Clothing: Bamboo trousers from Kimodo – https://goo.gl/29555E
Clothing: Woollen walking socks from The Naked Sheep – http://thenakedsheep.ie/socks/
Clothing: Bikini from ASOS – https://goo.gl/bGhoQs

Cotton produce bags: https://goo.gl/VGUkos

Water bottle from Mountain Warehouse – http://amzn.to/2n4Qo8N
Tea & coffee flask from Bodum – http://amzn.to/2DqVbIB

Bamboo cutlery & pouch from Bamboo Straw Girl – https://goo.gl/CwwdQx
Bamboo spork from Zero Habits – https://goo.gl/GqW4EH

Food containers BPA free – http://amzn.to/2Dy1RZB
Food wraps from Beeswax Wraps UK – https://beeswaxwraps.co.uk

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Aline A says:

Yaaay ! loved the video.

Being a long-term traveller, I have recently decided to make the shift to eco-friendly/reponsible travel and your channel is a great source of info 🙂

WorkAtHome Mama says:

I've been thinking about getting some reusable wraps for buying cheese so thanks for providing a UK website for me to buy some!

Annette Evans says:

Hello, brilliant video thank you. Just wondering if you can take the cutlery in your hand luggage if you fly. I have a pouch like yours that I made but my cutlery is steel so I have to leave it behind. Is bamboo ok
For travel?

Bri Elli says:

The music is a little too loud. Every time I turn the volume up to hear you I then get blasted by the music. Other than that, great video! I'd love to see non-purchased zero waste tips.

Kuzo Toothpaste says:


Maike Geerts says:

You are very talented! I love your videostyle and your personality really sparks and feels 'natural'. So you truly are Naturally Nomadic 😉 I just subscribed to your channel! GOOD LUCK on YouTube! And have fun! X

Pogo Arora says:

Thank you. I have heard that bamboo deforestation is quite bad in certain areas so I tend not to buy it although it is of course better than plastic. My solution is to use the stainless steal cutlery that I already have at home except the knife as I would not be allowed it at the airport

Izabella Oliveira says:

Great videoo

Richard Bray says:

Brilliant !!! Great tips, great channel keep it up love yours and Francis’s Videos. Lovely people

Living the life you love says:

YES! Absolutely love this! 🙌🏼 Can't wait to see more videos from you 😄❤️

My Vegan Experiment says:

These are really great videos!! Thanks for sharing zero waste travel tips. I love trying to help people go more plastic free!!

flash says:

Terrific blog ! You are a natural ! I hope you continue to do well in this project good luck with your travels too ! Ask your buddie to take a look at my videos on my channel, cheers

Luis Enrique Name Acosta says:

I don´t know if you know the reference, but to have a travel towel is the best advice you can give! To a Hitchhiker 😉

RB4176 says:

Great tips Jess . Have fun on your travels and keep in touch. xxxx

Damien Martin says:

Welcome to YouTube. Great first vid. You have a pretty good producer methinks too 😉 Onya

Viresh Daya says:

Awesome first video!

michael darracott says:

Well done on your first Vlog very good information for all pleasure to watch


The heck with Francis…LOL. Enjoyed the vid…you should consider the distribution angle! Get with a manufacturer & create your own line of products…The bamboo items are great products…I would purchase these for gifts & personal use!

Wednesday's Wolves says:

you have such a lovely voice. Thanks for the great tips! Need to order some bamboo straws as I am a bit of a straw fanatic

Michael Denton says:

Francis gave a link to your channel. Bravo, your first Vblog -i love it!!! and that no beez wax-lol. On the reusable water bottle -i love my klean kanteen-brand, s/s wide mouth, double wall. I use it for water/coffee & tea(bag). Glad you're doing your best in reducing your plaztic footprint.

Hoots says:

Thank you for reminding me on insta(sailorhoots)! I love this and will definitely be purchasing a few of these!! <3

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