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100% Organic Gardening No-Till Soil Prep (Lasagna Tech)

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Time for some brand new info on No-Till Gardening from MN Nice on Soil Prep aka the “Lasagna Tech”. This time we are in our backyard going hands on for a new segment for How To Grow “MendoDope” 2017


Shar L says:

@15:15 he mentions the key term "with right genetics " that is 100% correct. having the right genetics is most important. second is the nurturing. if you have the right genetics, there is no need for flower hardener to produce dense buds.

coin420 says:

cool info guys

Il Risparmione one says:

that's great!!! please check also my channel!

Royal Indigo says:


roger twarling says:

Quick question for Minnesota Nice? Would azomite also be a good substitute for the glacial rock dust?

Derek Teixeira says:

This is what's up! Can't wait to check out what the yeild is going to be like

Gothic Rose says:

Thank you for sharing!

Kajukidbo925 says:

I like the smell of neem too. Smells kinda like a spice. Like curry

RNAtoDNA says:

My boy showing 'em how to hold the shovel at 10:20….awesome video, Minnesota Nice looking healthy man!

Organic Mechanic says:

hey now they got a 3rd place hash entry in the Emerald Cup and the force is definitely strong with the mendo boys and mrbond. bond was having fun he even spelled his name out!

Maine MedGrow3r says:

awesome series thanks guys, #growersluv


Mendo Dope, respect, luv your style of growing, Truly the only way. Props on your new album, it's dope as Fuk. Much love, much respect

LaZaXGame says:


Thomas Watson says:

lets go mendo its time !!!

Green Snapper says:

VERY COOL , Nice to See 4 Top People IN THE CANNABIS Industry Together at ONE TIME !!!!! KILLER !!!!

TheHerbalistSpecialist says:

That's hella tight. Appreciate the knowledge fellas, major league status.

Canna Shiva says:

right on clean meds for the win!! keep it up guys!!! btw on Saturday on subs channel the show starts at 6pm!!!

Carson White says:

good job yall. yield will be crazy as always if not better.

realrasher says:

Chop & drop that cover crop,
feeding the microbes & worms.
There's a no-till revelation right now.
Just listen to these weed nerds.

Thank you for televising the no-till revolution!!!

beancollectorbx says:


og_dr_grn_thmb og_dr_grn_thmb says:

could u guyz possible put links and give addresses to the company's tht make and manufacture the products u guyz r using?

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