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100% Organic No-Till Garden (NO Bottled Nutrients) – Tales Of A Doper 7.5

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Mussels says:

Just curious what did he roll that blunt in?

Andy mine says:

More People need to WATCH this.. VERY nice Work Mr Minnesota Nice. 🙂

levi margera says:

Thank you guys so much for providing this info. You don't understand how much I appreciate this

Bogdan Recean says:

What kills spieder mites?

Carlos Portillo says:

Anyone know if putting aloe in water helps for watering the plants?

Mike Kerr says:

I have a question…I am growing on the property I live on but the property belongs to someone else and he says he should get 50% of my crop for allowing me to grow it on his property but I think 20% is more like it what do you think…by the way I'm the one doing all the work.

Joshua Ryan says:

Much respect.

Kmword Childers says:

Just want to say,, What up! St.cloud from cold spring mn. Awesome information…

BeHereNow Dragonfly says:

Where can I buy the seeds for these strains?

Daniel Andersson says:

Are you adjusting ph of water or soil at all? And are you pulling the entire plant out in harvest or how are you leaving the soil for the next plant? I hear you say you leave the root ball in but do you cut it down a bit to make room for the next clone? Your setup looks awesome!

Med Otaku says:

What's in aloe that promotes root growth?

bobby blues says:

This guy was 1step ahead

tsix tsix says:

but what about corn kernels?

Michelle McMullen says:

I adore your process and agree soil is most important. Wish your method of all veg on veg and not bottle chemical stuff was the standard.

BetterYouBetterWorld V says:

so whats the use of cover crop other than stealing nutrients and water?

Brendon Hill says:

them plants saved me from getting plastic surgery when i was about 6 yrs old, my mom was ironing cloths and i ran around the table and tripped on the cord making the hot iron fly off the table and smack the fuck outa my lips and chin,
they told my mom "Do not use that to heal my burns" but she did it anyway because she knew better ,
2 or 3 weeks later you couldn't even tell it happened, still to this day i keep one in my home just encase someone or myself
gets a really bad burn and needs immediate relief, i didn't know you could clone plant's with it though , pretty dam awesome

MrMotionmac says:

You know why you guys rock? Because you keep it real on the organic tip. That's some OG shit right there. NorCal reps!

ProFTowN says:

looks great lads …..do yee ship to ireland???

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