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10:00am on a Tuesday // Episode 9: Training, Cryotherapy and Eco-friendly Shoes feat. Edu Marin

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Welcome to 10:00am on Tuesday, a behind the scenes look at an
“average” weekday with professional climber Sasha DiGiulian.

In Episode 9 she prepares for her upcoming project with climbing partner Edu Marin, hits her favorite Cryotherapy spot in Boulder and goes for a run in Vail wearing a new adidas shoe in collaboration with Parley.

Created by Sasha Digiulian & Tommy Joyce
Produced by Triage Creative: tjtriage.com
Music by Matt Cherne: chernebeats.com
Titling by Kevin Christopher: kcfonts.com


Pedro Prego says:

How much does the tension board wall setup that you have there cost (give or take)?

Graham Mark says:

So that is next level climbing wall porn!

Dylan Haley says:

Nice vid sash

Hazelnutter says:

Please more on your training regime!!

luke karl says:

Bro why can’t u hold on to those holds aren’t u like a 5.14 climber

Hayden Nichole says:

So envious of her garage! Love it!

CAIrondad says:

Love, love, LOVE these vids…. You are a GODDESS

David E.G. says:

Loved it!!!

Cass R says:

Thanks Sasha for giving us such an insite into how much training it takes to be a pro. Keep them coming.

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