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17 Ways To Make Your Home More Organic, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly | Lucie Fink

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Michael and I have been making so many changes to our home recently, and I wanted to share some of these changes with you. Here are 17 ways to make your home more organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and more!

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Thank you to Happsy for sponsoring this video and for sending me & Michael an organic mattress for our NYC apartment!

Some Package Free items used:
Beeswax Food Wrap
Stainless Steel Straws
Stainless Steel Containers
Reusable Cotton Rounds
Deodorant Cream
Refillable Dental Floss
Bamboo Toothbrush
Reusable Utensils
Zero Waste Market Kit
Menstrual Cup

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Ariel King says:

Sustainable idea: don’t get rid of your perfectly good mattress for a brand new one? Also organic is way overhyped. chemicals aren’t all bad and sometimes to get a product to be organic it requires way more labour, water, energy and is overall worse off for the world.

It'sArturs says:


I'm sorry I just love you so much I enjoy your videos so muchhhhfdeiwdqjdksfvhfijekqwl a;fdsiojek lnjabdvhsoifeoq xjehwqfd

Hannah Ruthy says:

Is there mattress biodegradable?

Isabel Balbuena Segura says:

Omggg thank you so much for promoting sustainable lifestyle. You have no idea how happy it makes me seeing people who are outside the sustainable niche promoting sustainable living, and show how they are trying to do it. You are setting an example for so many people. So Thank you so much Lucie!

Tia Grayson says:

Where are your pajamas from? They're so cute!

osiris mancera says:

Yay! Soon-to-be a JHU grad!!! Love the growing low-waste community 🙂

Kara ledbetter says:

I think Lucie would be that cool hippie mom don’t u think

Montrealers says:

Awesome video Lucie!

Naomi Price says:

Get a safety razor! You only need to buy one razor for the rest of your life and the only thing you need to replace is the blade, which you can bulk buy for cheap! It offers a close shave and is more sustainable than buying disposable razors.

missmagic707 says:

Metal safety razors are great too. Lasts a life time <3

Amy Sternheim says:

Paper towels, napkins and tissues can be composted. Hot compost has temperatures as high as 170°F, hot enough to kill pathogens. Put TP in the toilet. Any non-glossy paper can be composted with food scraps.

luckyloaded says:

I used to love her videos but I'm starting to really realize how privileged she is… I can't take any of her tips seriously anymore

Emily Norman says:

SO GOOD! You are amazing 💕

Neta Lurie says:

2:27 but it still wraps with plastic LOL

Regan Williams says:

I was wondering if you could do 5 days of self diffidence. Thank you for these great tips it was so helpful, so glad you do the YouTube videoing there are so many people you help and I am one.

Melissa Catherine says:

Over the past few years, I think the biggest change I’ve made in general is buying less stuff, and sourcing things used when I can. Saves times, money and the environment. 🙂

B Irez says:

Stay away from essential oil diffusers unless it's coming directly from a pet safe diluted source as most are toxic to pets, ESPECIALLY cats.

Kira R says:

Thanks so much!! Though i think we still need fluoride in our toothpaste, no? Like i dont think my city puts it in the water unfortunately : /

jillys art on youtube art says:

Love lavender

Judy Strobolakos says:

I don't understand the coconut oil-based toothpaste..?? We shouldn't be putting coconut oil down the drain!

vpg 20 says:

amazing lucie!! thanks!

angela gomez says:

USE WHAT YOU HAVE FIRST!!! Gosh will you stop telling people to buy zero waste things when they may be able to use what they already have and repurpose them ! This is the second video I see from you where you tell people to go and buy zero waste stuff before they finish what they already have . You lady are part of the problem!

Ngoni Griffith says:

Thanks for the video! I use flameless candles with rechargeable batteries instead of real candles to produce less waste. They look and feel like real candles minus the scent, but I am happy with them.

itisallgravy says:

Your videos are awesome Lucie and it's great that you're talking about such an important topic to your followers! As others have mentioned though it would have been better to have stressed that you don't have to buy new things to be more eco-friendly … use your plastic tupperware to store wires etc so you're not just throwing it out, buy glass containers second hand. Also would have been great to hear options for sustainably getting rid of your old mattress (rather than it just going to landfill)

thanks for starting an important conversation 🙂

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