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Madeleine Olivia says:

Woo for the earth! I didn't mention it in the video, but you can get £50 in your Octopus Energy account with my referral code (affiliate link) // https://bit.ly/2HyhLEZ

Layla Online x says:

So helpful💞 when showering I turn off the water to put shower gel or shampoo and conditioner on so I’m not running loads of wasted water 💦

Craig Mccune says:

Recently just discovered your channel and it’s great 🙂 so helpful with these tips xx

Raychel Gonos says:

What should I do if there are no local libraries around me and I like having material books? (If there's no other option, I'm willing to travel to a town/city near me that has a library. I'm just curious if there is an easier way.) 😊

Herbivores Rule says:

Moving out on the 12/4 used Maddies Octopus link. Their customer service is really helpful and website really easy to use. Also if you use the link you get £50 off! Making my 1st month gas and electric only £6. Oh yeah!

Carole S. says:

I have more energy and I think I look better. I love it especially with the recipes I've been following. Thanks.

Nora Csiszar says:

I have just filled up my dishwasher, fully loaded! 🙂 I have a tip for using the washing machine more efficiently: if your clothes are not dirty, use the Eco or Easy Wash cycle. Much better for your clothing, the water is usually 20-30 celsius and gets the laundry done sooner (depending on the amount of clothes). Also, use the spin cycle! If you give a good 800-1000 spins to the clothes (not delicates of course) then they will come out much dryer and need less time to air dry.

Tracy Charbonnier says:

Hi there…just wondering if you would consider doing a video on TerraCycle ?
My kids' school has an ECO team & they have a collection point for make up recycling.
I've been donating to it regularly & spreading the word. 🌷🌷🌷

Carleas Cookin says:

Great video!!!

Kerry says:

I soak my pots overnight – I use very little water to wash them. Also burn almond wood in fireplace for heat – double burn emissions for clean use and it heats our house.

Hannah M says:

I work for a water conservation company and these are such great tips. Turning the tap off while you brush teeth, getting aerated taps, using water butts etc are such great ways to save lots of water 😊👍

StarBlack RockShooter says:

Just thank you for caring about the environment and being a good role model 😌💜

marionkine says:

I have a very old broiler in my rental studio so i use residual heat A LOT. I try to never switch it on for one single thing (same for the oven). I cut it off before the end of the cooking time, and also put my dirty pans filled with water on it while it's still warm to help cleaning.
I use dry brushing as body exfoliation so i save water, and also minimize the flow/time under water.
I've recycled small towels i bought for removing my makeup (too harsh for my skin) into drying cloth when cleaning my bathroom (this way my shower and tap are super shiny and clean = save some time cleaning/cleaning products/water)
And many other things like using my old socks as cleaning sponges, savon de marseille as dishwashing liquid, infusing my teas/herbals in a bottle in the fridge and drinking it fresh …

Anna West says:

An important distinction: Methane on its own isn't a harmful chemical to the environment, but it is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases, like CO2 and CH4, trap heat actually make life on Earth possible for living beings (otherwise we'd freeze). But it's the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases from human-related emitting behaviors that contribute to – and are accelerating – climate change.

Carole S. says:

Raw Vegan here, no heat wasted that way, don't flush every time, fur and lint can be composted also.

Mariko K says:

Grow your own food!

FlyDorsch says:

We have a shared garden but can't really plant anything, so I'm joining an urban gardening community this spring. There are gardening communities or projects in most bigger cities now. So go check them out if you want to plant some herbs and flowers and most of the time you can take your compost there as well.

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