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3 minutes of Sustainable life

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Here’s a video demonstrating how a house 🏠🌴has been *built with the core principles of Sustainable living in Kolhapur !*πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

more videos on youtube.com/cowgrazing


Tharun Varma says:

HariBol Prabhu,
Sincere Request, can you share your details, so that we can contact you?

Tharun Varma says:

Hari HariBol!
Excellent work prabhuji!

Solanki Ashwin says:

But your language is not Desi.

Ravi Gupta says:

Me also want to build this type of house before my retirement

Gopal Sharma says:

Abe bhartiya paddhti aapna li aab bhasha bhi aapna le

sk suma says:

wonderful, every individual should live life without harming , exploiting mother earth / nature.

ravi patel says:

nice concept

Vaibhav Dhanwate says:

Very nice πŸ‘

Rama Krishna says:

Nice idea sir…

Raj Verma says:

bahut Sundar Gajanand sir ji

Suhel Sadh says:

Koi thekedar hai jo aisa construction kar de humare liye bhi… rainwater harvesting kar de existing house main, ji thanda makaan bana de etc etc

Abdullah Jan says:

Awesome sir

Jemin Mangukiya says:

one of the best thing i have ever watched on youtube

Vijay Gurjar says:

Unbelievable thinking

Deepak Kumar Mishra says:

This is very impressing. Wish India goes much bigger and have vedic housing constructions on very large scales.


WOW jus that kind of House & Lifestyle I want 🀞 Please share more sustainable lifestyle videos like these. Thank you. Your subscriber from England πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Rathod Rajkumar says:

Very nice and I want to be like this .can I get contact number

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