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ELSA SC says:

Hi Christie, is your first eBook not available anymore?🤔 great video💕

Kristy M says:

Your bags leather :'(

Sofia Bohle says:

OMG you are my fav youtuber, I see u from Chile and you’r like the perfect youtuber for me, for what I like to watch, all the funny , the healthy, the fitness, the sun, the beach, everything it’s just what I was looking for. Thank you for doing this and please never stop

Abby Lake says:

I genuinely love your house…sorry for the random comment but its so cute and homely! I live with my parents as still only 17 and at school blah blah but cannot wait to get my own place one day 🙂 wow okay this is a real random comment!

Great video by the way! England is really really bad to be real with you…we mostly have takeaway restaurants like mcdonalds and there is literally only 1 vegan cafe where I live that I have yet to visit and litter is always everywhere and ughhh I hate England sometimes :/

Teresa El Asmar says:

You forget about polyester! I had to throw all my clothes and buy 100% cotton only! Because guess what? Polyester is plastic. 😛
Love your video :)))

Isabella C.A.D says:

what do you do with the garbage if you can't use plastic bags? how do you get rid of it?

dannibannanni says:

Girl you are looking great! So happy and healthy.

nononika says:

Other things to be more eco friendly: consume less, buy more regional, seasonal and organic food, buy second hand and use what you already have instead of buying everything new.

Molly Green I Greenteamolly says:

Love this! I watched a video about how to live waste free and it got me thinking for sure. If any new youtubers want to support each other I would love to 💚💚

Cecilia Bueso says:

your headband! where did you get it?

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