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30 Days Later Potatoes- Back to Eden Organic Gardening 101 Method in Wood Chips VS Composting Leaves

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Just 30 days later and we will see How things look on Planting potatoes in Back to Eden Method with wood chips VS Fall Leaves. True organic gardening 101.


Nancy Fahey says:

I was sorry to see you dig up the plants, it probably stunts it's growth some, but I will remember that the rest of my life. What a way to learn. Thank you so much. You seem to be enjoying what you're doing. Me too.

Katrina Sibley says:

seems like you could plant more if your are cutting the tops off anyways

Olga Pisarchuk says:

Thank you so much for great videos! I am wondering how do you protect your peas?b. Because mine were eaten by birds when they just came out.

Sista Sarah says:

you are awesome for being so detail!!!!! i love that you were willing to show us this!!! can't wait to see the results

Coma White says:

what was that little beast running across the field and how did it teleport away in the end! But seriously, thanks for another awesome video. I love how you teach these two methods in a logical way by direct comparison, it feeds the scientist in me.

Lars Hildebrandt says:

Awesome instructive and interesting video! I live in the boreal forest, leaves are a premium!
I was fortunate enough to get a transport truck load of wood chips however….and I think I am going to try the potato rows!
Thanks for all the videos!!!

Jim Marcum says:

how do you plan on hilling them, just pulling up more wood chips over them.

Terri Shaver says:

How long have those chips been in place?

Pinche Guarito says:

Thumbs up for digging up the potatoes and showing what's going on underground when it's early in the season. I've seen lots of potato growing videos on YouTube that show harvesting but no early growth demonstrations. Brilliant idea and very educational!

Abel Celestin Jr says:

nice video and good gardening, I have a small area here in Brooklyn, Ny, I'm having trouble getting wood chips, locally. it seems easier to get in Jersey

Josh Scandlen says:

Man Mark, you're videos are addictive. My wife was waiting to watch Outlander last night and I was like "just a second I need to finish watching this guy". To say the least, she was none too happy! But all is well. Anyway, love your stuff, just subscribed. Looking forward to following your work. Blessings!

hope crews says:

peas in with the potatoes, clever sir too late this year, but I will be stealing  that trick next year!


A LAYER of WOOD CHIPS on one side & a LAYER of FALL LEAVES on the other side was place on top of the soil last OCT/NOV . NO cardboard of paper was added first. ON April 14, 2016 I place the same variety of potatoes on both sides on top of the soil after just pushing the wood chips and leaves aside plus adding field peas . NO TILLING WAS DONE. Then covered, adding NOTHING else of anything NOW or in the FUTURE. This is the RESULTS 30 days later. Will re-hill them when needed.

harleydog44 says:

how seasoned are the wood chips?. great vid, thanks.

BobMels Gardens says:

Thanks for the information Mark. Best wishes Bob.

Tony Rhoton says:

Did you create a video to show the difference in harvest between the wood chips and leaves?

TheMunkmeister says:

please could you help me – my wood chips look identical to yours but I am having a huge slug problem. I have been starting plants off in the green house and planting them out but by the next morning they are all gone!!! Its come to the point where i'm going on slug raids at 11pm and there are too many to deal with. any helpful tips or advice? theres just so many hiding places for the critters!!! best regards

CheckSSForm says:

Thanks for the update! Planted my red nordlings on May 8th (Mother's Day). I'll let ya know on day 30 the progression. Hope all is well, best of luck this season.

Jackiepoodle1 says:

Our potatoes are 1' high, would it help planting a legume now, I've got a big bag of purple hull peas I need to use up. Loved the video Mark, keep 'em coming! Gary and Mark are not the only ones with dirty fingernails! 🙂

OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

Excellent demonstration, Mark! We've both been digging in the dirt lately! 🙂

Анатолий Ручка says:

I leave in Ukraine, also planted potatoes but a little bit earlier, its looks nice but we already have Colorado potato beetles, what are you doing with them?

Lloyd Dobbler says:

Just read the other post that answered my question. No need to reply

Lloyd Dobbler says:

With the idea of the bottom eyes not producing shoots, would it be better to cut the potato in half to double your production? Or does that increase the rate of decay of the original potato?

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