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00:04 Plastic bottle slippers
00:21 How to decorate a cake
02:25 How to open a bottle with another bottle
02:33 How to get rid of rust
07:52 DIY emergency life jacket
09:27 Skittles dispenser

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Aadya Boggaram says:

None of these are really eco-friendly, seeing that plastic waste kills hundreds of turtles each year

Health & Fitness says:

Your all hacks are fake fake and fake I try your ballon bottle hack but nothing is work don,t make fake hacks understand.

Eg 7803 says:

Why is eco friendly since you probably threw those bottles away after

shohnoza alimova says:

Man 5 minute crafts layfaklarini juda yaxshi koraman.

gacha super lover says:

Does anybody notice she has…2 different EYE COLOR

Nurfalyn Hasiddin says:

Wow amazing 🎆

Вика Поликарпова says:

It isn't eco!!

Вика Поликарпова says:

0:04 wtf is this!?!?!!?

J Harris says:

None of these are eco friendly

mathaffine group says:

bakwaad, only waste of time and money😝😝

fuzloraa __ says:

It’s very funny
This make no sense
You’re crazy

marli soberski says:

Why was she spraying the LEAVES

Christy Corona says:

i love how yall stupid enough to watch the whole fuckin vid just to find out all these dumbass hacks are fake and don't work for shit hahaha

Om Marwa says:


SALMA salma says:

What is this ? Itis really cool .

angxlinantlxrs 05 says:

U watered a fake tree……

Mekael Aeh says:

I do not like it

Kayli Mathews says:

Even if that cord one that covers the top you would still get the wires wet

Grace Stancil says:

Me-regan random

Emily Kenney says:

OK, how are these "hacks" eco-friendly, if you are cutting up plastic bottles?!??! I'm confused

You Tube Picture? says:

If you feel bad about how plastic ends up in streets and ocean. And try to make hacks. Just don't buy plastic packages.

Jack Koren says:

Cocacola sho is great idea but it so loud than you walk :/

Raina Chouhan says:

this chapal is very nice

Piyush gaming studio's says:

Garibi ki haad ha bhi chapal too kharidlo bhi paise mere sa la loo

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