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4 Eco Friendly Waste Free Gifts to Give and Sew

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If you are hoping to make some useful and meaningful gifts this holiday, this video is for you! Skillshare sponsored this video 🙂 . Sign up via my link will get two FREE months of Skillshare Premium: https://skl.sh/virginialindsay5

I am trying to reduce waste at my house and I am sure you are too! These 4 ideas are here to help. As sewers, we have an advantage being able to make things that are useful and beautiful! These projects are also eco friendly and reduce household waste. YAY!

In this video, I mention sharing links to videos, recipes, template, and more 🙂 . I put all that information together in a blog post for you! Visit https://gingercake.org/gingercake/2019/11/4-eco-friendly-waste-free-gifts-to-give.html

Requests granted! Some of you wanted those links here. I understand!
Here is the link to my book (this is an affiliate link so I get a % when you purchase) http://shrsl.com/1ygsc
Here is the link to the popcorn flavor recipes~ https://neighborfoodblog.com/2018/02/homemade-popcorn-seasonings.html
Here is the link to the make up remover/ face wash recipe~ https://colleenhobson.com/diy-coconut-oil-makeup-remover/

I use 1/2 a cup of PLAIN kernels in the popcorn bag 🙂 . I microwave it for 2:30 seconds in my 1100 watt microwave.

The face wash template is 4” round. You can find an easy printable template on my blog at the very bottom of the post. Here is the link to that blog post~ https://gingercake.org/gingercake/2019/11/4-eco-friendly-waste-free-gifts-to-give.html

To create the Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bag, you will need 2 pieces of cotton fabric that are 12” x 20”.

TO sew 15 washable face wipes, you will need a piece of terry cloth fabric or chenille (i used a bar towel from the dollar store! Link to that towel in the bog post above!) that measures 18” x 15”. You will also need a piece of cotton fabric of the same size. If you are buying fabric (and not a towel!) you could make 15 wipes with less waste using fabrics that are 12” x 20”.

Here are some links to the products I use that you can purchase on amazon…
-My favorite seam ripper! https://amzn.to/2IIyd1K
-the clear plexiglass ruler! https://amzn.to/2Hq4YBj
-the self healing mat with grid! https://amzn.to/2Ihj5MZ
-Olfa Rotary Cuter! https://amzn.to/2tGtWGa
-a similar sewing machine to the one I have (and LOVE) https://amzn.to/2H4cQK1
-a machine I would recommend to beginners https://amzn.to/2I3mmwg

Visit my PDF Sewing pattern shop for more fun, cute, original and cute projects at http://www.gingercake.bigcartel.com

Visit my Blog for more information about me and to see my NINE years of sewing adventures 🙂 http://www.gingercake.org


Katherine Anderson says:

The makeup wipes are brilliant! Thanks. You could also make them square and reduce wastage.

Hazel Giles says:

I live in the UK so what do you suggest for the white fabric please

Vee Camp says:

Love your ideas . Thankyou so much.

ssoozee says:

I just love you! 💖

Debby Moreau says:

I love these ideas! They are so doable.

Mis Kulit says:

My channel is about sewing but im just a beginner,i really love people who sew something amazing or if i make it myself i have struggle a lot,nice works,

Colette Noke says:

Great eco idea for the eye makeup remover wipes. Doing some for myself

stephiepeterson says:

Thanks for the cute ideas. I bet the popcorn bag serves as a bag to eat it from as well!

Alice Veenema says:

Great ideas! I've made your grocery bags, and plenty of napkins before. I love the idea of using vintage sheets! I have a gorgeous sheet I've been hanging onto because of the rich colours, but it's too small for any bed of ours and has been patched. I've never seen the popcorn bags before–what a great idea! I have a few nephews and nieces who I think will appreciate them!

Carol Foust says:

What size is your circle template?

Aida 'Āidah says:

👍 I really appreciate your tutorial. You are one of those people who make me feel that my sewing is ok n good. Gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you so much.

Solveig Lysholm Torvanger says:

Do you use popcorn like the ones you make in a pot? No Oil?

Jamie Baronet says:

I have made several sets of your napkins. A few months ago I shared that video with a friend and she made me a set of Christmas napkins as a gift. Love your tutorials.

Sally Stults says:

I’ve been wanting to make the face scrubbie then I found them on line and bought them. But maybe I could make them for my friends.what a great idea. Thank you.

Obsessed Stitcher says:

I love these ideas! I have made face wipes for washing but not these great makeup removers. You mentioned a favorite recipe for remover. If you have that handy would you mind sharing that link?

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