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4 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

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4 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

-chocolate wrapped in foil: https://www.naturalcandystore.com/product/milk-chocolate-spooky-balls/all-products
– Halloween erasers
– pencils
– canned drinks
– quarters
BLOG POST: https://www.goingzerowaste.com/blog/eco-friendly-halloween-treats-for-trick-or-treaters

– Americans will spend $2.6 billion on costumes worn one night!
– Secondhand
– Rent
– Use what you have in your closet
BLOG POST: https://www.goingzerowaste.com/blog/ethical-halloween-costumes-with-clothes-you-have-in-your-closet
YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLojaR38riM

– Reuse what you have
– Pumpkins (carving and salting the pumpkin seeds) COMPOST!
– Cardboard – BATS!
– Stop Dusting (jk.)

Keep it reusable
Use food to decorate
BLOG POST: https://www.goingzerowaste.com/blog/zero-waste-halloween-party
YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOG-CCWBudU

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Crazy Rabbit Lady says:

I am giving away craft kits, wooden toy and pencils for trick or treaters (as part of the teal pumpkin project). I am also making jam jar lanterns decorations. I am baking soul cakes, toffee/chocolate/caramel apples and spooky cupcakes for friends and family, i am also doing pumpkin carving and roasting and eating the pumpkin seeds. I am also going to watch scary movies and share scary stories with my friends and family. I am also going to get some fall themed candles and make my own popcorn costume this year. 🙂

thespeckledfreckles says:

Love these candy tips! I just uploaded my sustainable halloween video with some candy tips plus more! Everything from costumes, to decorations, to candy can be more sustainable! No need to abstain from the festivities!

Anne Meadows says:

When I was a kid in northern New Mexico, nobody gave out candy. That changed in the mid seventies I guess but in the sixties we would go house to house, be invited into many for cider, fresh biscochitos, or gingersnaps, apple cake etc. The adults would ooh and ahhh over your cute, and surely homemade costume, and you'd get the treats. It was lovely and I wish the candy grab would just go away. Maybe if you know your neighbors, you could bring back the "Come in! Have some cider! Oh aren't you a scary witch!" etc. No reason things can't change if we change them. (Come Christmas there were no electric lights either: just luminarias and farolitos. Candles in sand in paper sacks and little bonfires.)

Hannah Bingham says:

I’ll be giving out Nerds because they come in cardboard boxes 👍🏻

Barbara E. says:

Crazy questions, does anyone solar cook using TV screens to save on energy? Reusable batteries, are they bad? How do I switch to better sustainable energy demanding products? Is there a pre made letter somewhere I can Email & mail to manufacturers, suppliers, etc to stop using toxic chemicals as packaging?
I love TerraCycle Loop reusable containers but there's not many companies partnered with them & their isn't many locations in the USA. Plus, I enjoyed PepsiCo Dream Machines but I cannot find them anywhere. Companies NEED to truly step up by pushing & advertising zero waste living?! Companies of all types should challenge one another.

Dave Shilling says:

Oftentimes Halloween candy gets thrown straight in the trash eventually because the kids just get too much! Our neighborhood has many participants in trick-or-treat, so ending the candy grab when you know you've reached the reasonable limit of what you kid can/should eat is a good way to reduce the size of your kids' candy stash. Then you have time to have a spooky movie night with some friends over, kids can gorge on their candy, and you save some candy from hitting the bin.

Mulan 121 says:

This was really helpful, thank you! I'm always lost when it comes to zero waste treats, never thought of getting the aluminium wrapped ones.
I use lots and lots of pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. We grow them and eat them throughout wintertime, so for Halloween we just put them on display. We also have a few ceramic figurines and ghost shaped candle holders that we bring out every year for the occasion.

Elisse Kenaley says:

I like to keep my decorations natural, I use a lot of pumpkins, apples, dried branches and leaves and most of it, I collect out of my yard.
I agree with the previous comment, as a Mom, I don't let my kiddo keep the foil wrapped candy as it's too easy to tamper with.

Elena Christian says:

My costume is a second hand red leather jacket ive already worn twice and a blonde wig. With jeans and boots I am Emma Swan. The jacket will join my warddrobe and next year i will repurpose the wig.

alishatoler says:

I try to buy candy in cardboard boxes! I usually make our costumes out of something I already have. I have turned a shirt inside out to make the inside part of the costume. Then I flip I back right and still wear it.

digitalteacup says:

As a mom I have to say I throw away the chocolate you showed. It’s too easy to unwrap those, “taint” them and roll them back up. When I was a kid there was a razor in one of my Reese’s cups so I only let my kids keep what I know for sure couldn’t be unwrapped and wrapped again.

kyla fish says:

this is SUCH an important video and something that was stressing me out! just subbed, I would love to support each other <33

StarSam says:

You can always thrift decorations and costumes. Maybe find candy in paper packaging. Happy Halloween!

Strolling Through Life says:

Candy is definitely the most difficult. That’s awesome that you had them in bulk!

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