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5 DIY Projects That Will Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

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Cosmos Graphics says:

Can you do a video on how to grow budded roses faster

Jerry Cat says:

All purpose cleaning spray:
1. Mix up some salt water
2. Add some regular water

The Vegan Merman says:

I am only going to say this once. Putting Vinegar and Baking Soda together makes SALT WATER! Stop mixing them together it’s basically useless.

Alexis S. says:

Was thinking about making produce bags just earlier today! Perfect timing 😊

alexis Katherine says:

4:02 she left with one bag and came back with multiple…. Hmmmmm

lizuchis0912 says:

Given all the stuff you‘d have to buy for them, I think the environment would be better off with us just using lunch boxes instead of these „snack bags“

Olivia Wood says:

0:23 they sell chalk stickers, it would be easier to use those

Abigail M. says:

You can just use vinegar for an all purpose cleaner! If the smell puts you off, you can add citrus rinds, rosemary, etc

Abigail M. says:

Love all your eco videos! ❤️

Tara Radovic says:


Jacky Jack says:

This is so useful! Thank you so much, ☺

Tobias Steen says:

I really like your environmental videos!

Lamia Mahpara says:

The bags made from mesh utility fabric are the only bags available here. I use it for scrubbing my face too. Super helpful.

Lauren Blaze says:

I love the seed starter idea with the egg cartons

Peppermint Candy cane says:

You guys need to stop reusing the hacks. They get old

Lucy Walton says:

You will never know what has been edited

Anastacia Thompson says:

Damn this is some catchy music

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