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5 Eco Friendly New Years Resolution Ideas | Sustainable Swaps

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Lets talk about eco friendly sustainable new years resolution ideas you can incorporate for 2019!

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Giulia Marangon says:

Amazing ideas, thanks for speaking up! you have been such an inspiration in my journey to sustainability

Jessica116 says:

Last year, I made my period zero waste and I haven't looked back! This year, I am trying to reduce my food waste (my household composts) and remembering my reusable shopping bags (I mostly forget, even though they live in my car). This year, I would like to make my makeup and regular hygiene routine more zero waste. No more cotton balls, floss, etc. It's the little things

atommachine says:

I have started buying cottage industry cloths from Nepalese artisans nice wool ect ect trying to cut down on micro fibres. GREAT UPLOAD. BTW I HAVE A WORMERY WITH TIGER WORMS , i blitz my waste and they love it and the soil is amazing as it is worm cast check it out, you can make your own wormery.Toodles.

Haela Corr says:

Hi Zanna! Been watching you for years and it's so great to see you on this journey. Do you currently compost? I'd like to start, and just wondered if you do, what's your experience been like? Could you do a video on it?

megg131 says:

This was so great! I’m definitely going to do the not buying coffee unless I have my reusable cup one. I always feel so guilty whenever I forgot, so this is a solid goal for the year for me. Thanks and happy new year!

Hannah Reed says:

My New Years resolutions are to spend at least 30 consecutive minutes outside every day (something I have struggled with this year due to depression) and to reduce my animal product consumption – I am currently vegetarian but want to start making swaps ☺️

Mafalda Cintra says:


AreYouMakingTea ? says:

I have soo many! But they are all relaxed and about small manageable changes. E.g. veg for a week, compost, grow veg on veggy patch, meat free days is a good idea to begin with and learn to cook a meal i order in xx

Sarah Cordell says:

My biggest goal for this year is to just cut back on everything. Buying new clothes. Reducing my food waste. I want to cut down on the amount of prepackaged and processed foods I buy. I’d like to spend my money on experiences this year. We’re also expecting a baby in 2 months time so not sure what this year will actually hold for us!

The Imogen Rose says:

I’m already vegan and stopped shopping on the high street 😊so I’ve decided to reduce food waste because I’m so bad at that! Loved this video: it given me so much motivation!💕

Danielle Hagen says:

My resolution is to connect more with nature & continue to evolve in my minimalist journey🙂 Thanks for all that you do…to a beautiful 2019!

Iris Jaquez says:

i definitely want to compost in 2019

Lauren Fitzpatrick says:

Great video Zanna. Would be really useful to have some vegan lunch ideas.. quick ‘on the go’ lunches with lots of protein would be really helpful. I am a nurse so on the go and then usually go to the gym after work so need extra protein. Not keen on protein supplements as prefer natural sources (powder turns my tummy into a washing machine!!!). Thank you 😊

Christine Schwartz says:

Hi Zanna,
Great concise, thought-provoking video. Small changes can have a huge impact if everyone gets on board.  

I'd love to hear you speak more about composting. What do you do with the compost you have collected? I would love to see a video of you collaborating with Max La Manna on this topic.

Thank you for a year of fun, informative content. You are fantastic!

HeyItsBreee says:

Amazing videoo😍🙌 love from Trinidad🇹🇹❤️

Izzy Harvey says:

I am good at leftovers tho. They taste so good. Today’s pancake mix fail turned into a big baked goodie in the oven instead! Haha #zerofoodwasted

Izzy Harvey says:

Well that makes me feel better about not enjoying clothes shopping anymore. Still wearing clothes from uni and around then… 6 years on!

Cloudygirl says:

My ongoing resolutions are
Use a menstrual cup
Use a safety razor instead of other plastic options
Limit clothing bought from stores – look at charity shop options
Will definitely also look at trying composting

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