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5 Eco Lifestyle Essentials ♻️

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5 products which help reduce your daily waste and environmental impact!

Shopping bags – you can often find them given away for free, but I’d also recommend getting a heavy-duty one for grocery shopping.

Water bottle – way too much plastic waste comes from bottled water, save money and plastic by bringing your own bottle.
My glass one is from Soul Bottles https://www.soulbottles.de/en

Reusable coffee cup – if you ever get coffee or tea to-go you should bring your own mug!
Mine is a bamboo Ecoffee cup from Pukka Herbs https://shop.pukkaherbs.com/gifts/pukka-cups.html * but if you’re looking for an insulated cup, a lot of people seem to like Keep Cup https://eu.keepcup.com

Jars – use these to buy bulk food, bring lunches or snacks in, as take-away conatiners, or to replace any other plastic containers. You can buy jars but it’s easiest and cheapest to use the ones you get at grocery stores.

Cloth towels/napkins/cleaning rags – save paper towels, napkins and synthetic cleaning cloths. It’s also cheaper than buying disposable products and you can even re-purpose worn out garments into cleaning rags.

What else do you think is a eco-friendly must-have?

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ainur rohmah says:

I am so sorry, i just wonder how about. If we bought some raw meats, where the container we have to bring? Is it still just on the toothbag? Because it was lil bit weird, hope u answer it, thanks!

About a Girl says:

Reusable straws- stainless steel or glass
Refillable pen
laundry balls instead of detergent – they are amazing
Un-sticking used envelopes and re sticking them inside out and using them again
No staple stapler

Rolla Royce says:

One thing I've recently started doing, especially in the flu season is using cotton rags/tissues instead of the paper ones.

Break n Remake says:

I love saving jars, it’s like getting a free gift with purchase 🤣

Gdm667 says:

You might find this company interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEh-0TIuu2A&t=486s https://www.rags2riches.ph/

digital mimi says:

I need to get reusable produce bags. Currently I just put most produce directly in the cart and then into my cloth bags to carry home

Baшe Beличecтвo, says:

Hello from Russia! You videos is cool!

Sarah Henning says:

Where did you get the reusable produce bags? Every time I go food shopping I wish I had these but I don't know where to buy them

grecogreco4 says:

I keep water I used for washing vegetables and rice and stuff to water my plants.

Sara Borges Tavares says:

great video 😍

Clare Dowling says:

Beauty wise, I use a solid shampoo bar that's minimally packaged. I also use the same carrier oil (bought in a large size) for multiple purposes: shaving my legs, as a pre-shampoo treatment on my hair, removing eye makeup, as a body moisturiser. And this is probably a bit basic/obvious, but my husband and I try to plan meals around the shelf life of different foods, especially if they're fresh, to avoid having to throw unused food away.

Sabrina Zeddies says:

I use glass weck or mason jars all the time and also give them away with homemade gifts such as chocolates or cake. If I have to replace some, I find them at the thrift store. A good hot washing and they are as good as new.

Baobab says:

Just a suggestion—those produce bags in the store are there primarily for sanitary reasons (I worked as a cashier at a grocery), so you might want to consider getting something that doesn’t have big holes in the fabric. I’ve seen raw chicken liquid spill all over my scanner and did not have the time to clean it up 100% thoroughly because I couldn’t keep customers waiting. Pretty gross I’ll admit. Be sure to wash those often.

Anna Thornburg says:

What kind of bags do you use when you purchase bulk food items? I’ve wanted to start buying in bulk, but the bulk food bags at Whole Foods are still plastic. Any suggestions?

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