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5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Products | Donalee Curtis

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Over the past couple of years I have been making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly and reduce my waste. Researching all the labels, cruelty free, vegan, organic, and natural, can be daunting but during this process I was excited to learn how easy and cost effective living green can be! Here are my 5 favorite eco-friendly products that fall into the skincare and hygiene category!

Products mentioned

1. RAZspa Rensmaske- http://bit.ly/1GdUYYI
2. Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner- http://bit.ly/1KG7JMF
3. Trader Joe’s Vitamin Oil E- http://amzn.to/1Fjv2UF
4. Soap Walla Deodorant- http://bit.ly/1obkdMA
5. o.b. Tampons- http://bit.ly/1EL7Lua

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Mona Moore says:

U R so beautiful girl I love your skin

Pinky Paul says:

Could you please share your email I'd with me? I want to discuss business related things with you.

Alejandra Ruiz says:

Also, YES, I'd loooooove more ecofriendly videos!!!!!

Alejandra Ruiz says:

Menstrual cups girl! I'll send you the link to my fav if you want it!!

Kristin Amezquita says:

Hey look into menstrual cups they are more eco friendly the Lunette is a great brand also the diva cup they are cruelty free and last years their is the soft cup which can be found at most drug stores like rite aid

betsythomas2012 says:

New fan and subscriber ,but wish you'd go easy on saying how ppl "have" to use a product and how important it is. Love hearing about what you're enjoying but be careful not to spread misinformation- many dermatologists say toner isn't necessary and is usually recommended for oily and acne prone skin. Restoring the oH balance was an old issue because of the types of facial cleansers back in the day. Just a heads up to always do your research from reliable sources. But I still enjoyed it&am looking forward to more vids!

Ishii__ says:

Omg, I just found your channel searching for zero waste, eco-friendly stuff… I am in love with you 😀 Great videos, useful content, and you are gorgeous girl 😉 Keep going!!

Evelyn Johnson says:

thanks for sharing.

Michelle Victor says:

Ditch the tampons! A menstrual cup is where its at.

Ashley Friedland says:

Definitely try Eco-Me for safe and eco-friendly cleaning products and Little Twig for organic baby products. Definitely my favorite eco-brands for overall products!

lg4065 says:

OMG, Donalee! Your Farmer's market girl has your back for all the natural beauty secrets! 😉

Trust, use tomato and sugar for a natural brightening and exfoliation routine. Another recommendation I have for face rejuvenation is aloe vera and honey!

Samantha Ayala says:

this was helpful! thank you!

Love Afrykah says:

We aren't you a gem! I used to use the same OB tampons but all that tss stuff freaks me out so then I fell madly deeply in love with deva cup! I honestly thought that's what you were going to whip out. You can get the kind that you can rinse and reuse so you only use one per period… it's weird at first but after you get the hang of it it's like the best thing since sliced bread!

Divena Harlow says:

Australian's don't do applicator tampos. I was so confused the first time i went to America.

The Gwendolyn Reading Method says:

Yessssss, Favorites video!!!! More like this!

Ayotunde says:

Love how conscious you are about your carbon foot print!  You make face products sound exciting!  P.S. More vids!!!

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