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5 Ingredients for Complete House Cleaners Recipes – Simple, Cheap, Eco-Friendly! (Minimalist Living)

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Are you looking for a cheap, easy, and simple way to make your own house cleaners? From a minimalist standpoint, the practice is invaluable. These house cleaners are quick and easy to make, effective to use, and eco-friendly. No more toxic, expensive store-bought cleaners. In 10 minutes I will show you how to make and use all the house cleaners I use for a total clean! Come join me!

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nenavadno says:

Dear Marin, I have joined your web community a few days ago so I might ask something you had told allready. Which essential oils do you use in your home and why? Thanks for all the inspiration!

Louise Kite says:

For those not in USA , what was the product used in the carpet cleaner?

SimplyStacyL says:

Isn't vinegar a no-no on granite?

Amy Gregg says:

Yay! Finally someone who doesn't premix the vinegar and baking soda!! So many YouTubers do this, which causes a chemical reaction, forming a solution of water and salt in the bottle that does nothing for cleaning! I love the way you do it! Thanks for your great tips!!

Christine Madrazo says:

Brava Mrs.Gordon, brava.

Shay Speed says:

Also… for ppl that don't like the smell of vinegar (and those that don't have oils or ran out), you could always take your used lemon peels or orange peels and infuse them. Obviously this is a longer process and takes about a week, but the vinegar smell is almost nonexistent. 💜✨

Great tips on the laundry bleach (vinegar and baking soda) I will definitely try that out! ☺️

Butterfly Queen says:

The pink strap lol

XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes says:

@MJ Gordon. Hi, Is there 1080p option? Oh, I like your videos so I think you should use some of my music in it. youtube․com/XimerTracks

pattiecake11 says:

I love baking soda! I always keep big boxes or bags in my kitchen and bathrooms! I also use it for pots and pans with hard to get off grease or burnt on food.

Destiny Winters says:

so simple and useful, thank you!

yellowbearington says:

i made the multisurface cleaner before but i can't stand the smell of it even with essential oils in them. Any suggestions?

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