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5 Ways Our Life is BETTER Living OFF GRID

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We moved from a 1 acre suburban homestead to 20 acres off grid 2 months ago. We talk about the 5 ways our life is BETTER living OFF GRID.

How to Quit Your Job and Homestead: https://youtu.be/IVJvuqbmNVI
Super Quick Pantry Stew: https://youtu.be/jTH1fX0Izpg
Tour of our Off Grid Homestead: https://youtu.be/kN3EO7xudSo
Hillbilly Passive Solar Heater: https://youtu.be/nuJEXVHkojA
Off Grid Water Problems Playlist: https://goo.gl/XCa1xB

We are taking you along on our journey to become more self reliant and self sustainable. Join us as build our skills in the areas of canning, prepping, gardening, woodworking, and learning old time methods of living.

Thanks for watching!

Jaime and Jeremy

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Guildbrook Farm - Off Grid Living says:

Hope you enjoy this video we put together. See our description for related videos. If you would like us to cover a particular topic, feel free to leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching!

horse1066 says:

Dogs barking and car doors slamming, really gets up my nose.

Shaun Chin says:

Off grid is the most awesome living ever…………been living 4200 ft in the southern ridge of the blue mtns of jamaica for the past 12 years…………solar/wind/micro hydro and backup diesel gen set………..satellite comms…………gravity spring fed of a 200 plus foot head @ around 3 gallons per second in the drought…………..58acres surrounded by around 7000 acres of national forest reserve with a 1 mile private driveway through said forest……….zero neighbors 8 catahoulas 1jack russel and myself…………never bored………..ever………….living accommodation is an earthen bedroom which leads to an indoor outdoor bathroom,which is below my 28 ft Mongolian yurt for my living room all overlooking Kingston city from a very safe quiet distance…………..I’m never going back………..love you guys vids,keep up the great work……….looking forward to more………cheers!!!!!

david meyers says:

Same here, We ran from the city life, to 5 acres.. in rural Florida, Well what's left of rural area. Got our chickens and freedom from the hoa nazis.. Weekends are full of either nothing to do or its sun up to sun down with up keep and chores..lov'n life!!
Thanks to watching your channel and others who homestead,  Y'all lit the fires for us to git out of the city.. God bless and be safe..

Johnny Draco says:

What State?
How much capital did you start out with?
Does your family help you out financially?
How far is the closest town to your 20 acres?
Where did/do you live while building your "off grid"?
What did you do with all your personal possession?
And last, Why do you feel that it's important to you to share your "off grid" life on youtube seeing that there are hundreds of of other "off grid" tubers posting videos?

John white says:

Ilike to know in what town or sate your are living like this and how you support yourselfs,and land is yours? How much it costs you? Thanks

Z Olmo says:

I can hear the train behind my house as you talk about city noise. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Hidden Valley Homestead says:

Yes yes and 3 more YESSES!!! I couldn't agree more… geez… we cant move up to our offgrid property for two more years till the kids get out of college…. cant wait cant wait cant wait…. for ALL those same reasons….

Ze Bunker says:

Not off-grid. Using products and services that are on the grid. Silly preppers.

Andrew Dickson says:

Really interesting and give a great perspective on reality. About to move my small family from uk and am wondering if we could talk at some point.


lise lefebvre says:

très bonne réflexion de la vie sur terre le combat vas êtres dur a mené pour la nouvelle génération qui vienne . merci pour cette vidéo qui vous fait réfléchir pour tout les horizons a bientôt

John Ralston says:

… i agree a 1000% Jaime.. that is why i'm re-purposing an old pickup into a camper. my wife is 68 & she won't budge ;), i'm 72 & have a few old fishing rods that need dusting off. IMO, you guys are doing it right… keep up the good work, & tell Jeremy that my 'kill-a-watt' from amazon should be here today… Thanks for the video(s)…. & don't be surprised if i knock on your door for some of that stew 😉

MrKanjidude says:

Living like you do now looks amazing in so many ways. I completely understand your appreciation of quiet – being a highly sensitive person prone to stress and headaches currently living in the city (close to the largest airport in the country no less) there is nothing I currently want more than to be able to move out into the country, far away from cars, airplanes and people. To find peace and focus.

I'm glad I found your channel; you are amazing and inspiring people. Best of luck with everything moving forward.

David Messerschmidt says:

Dang Straight

Hailey Grace says:

Just found your channel! So excited to watch more videos!

Thuy Ngo says:

Thanks for your video I love to see more of it. How did this move affect your previous day job.

Michael Hoybook says:

No offense but every point you mentioned in this video was simply "living in the country" and not necessarily living "off grid". We live "off grid" in the country but it might be possible to live "off grid" in the city and none of your advantages would apply in that case.

Bereket Michael says:

we humans are social beings just like most creatures in our planet, not being social which is caused by urban life creates tension in our lives, tension which leads to stress. stress which leads to illness. you are so fortunate to choose the life you have chosen. i am inspired.

mooshmobile says:

yay! so glad to see you're out of suburbia and on to a happier and more fulfilling life! Congrats! Looking forward to learning from you guys! we live in suburbia but we're starting with a few chickens and a garden

Mauro Lima says:

I believe that multitasking is taking away our sanity, and monotasking is kind a meditation on the move, and can take back our quality of live… but as e are being programed over the decades, is not easy to relax and enjoy what we are doing.

Mauro Lima says:

I'm an urban guy at Rio de Janeiro, but I loved this video. I use to tell my friends: "when we were child parents don't let us have fun at rain, why we don't do that when we're adults? And the stars… I was on Navy for almost 10 years, and on the sea we have all the Milkway above, with a completely dar enviroment around us, every single night… it's amazing!

WPA Outdoors says:

I just recently discovered your channel and I like it a lot. Out of curiosity, where in PA did you live? We are north of Pittsburgh, pretty rural but still not enough for me. My in laws are in your area too, in the Smokey mountains.

ivegottabeme1 says:

We have a property on 10 acres and we are only there part time at the moment. When we are there the quiet is unbelievable, I can totally relate.

Val Howe says:

Congratulations from an old timer who's been following your journey. I think you got it!! Not so easy, but so worth it. So thrilled you figured it out. Love you guys!

Austin and Jean says:

Another nice job. Hopefully soon I'll be off the road and enjoying life on my small place.

Collector Guy says:

You don't even know how lucky you were before with your 1 acre plot! Do u realise what 90% of the UK population has to live on maybe 20-30 square metre gardens if they are lucky!
This is what I would love to do but land is way too much in UK and it's far too small to get away from people – good luck

wally mac millan says:

you are an amazing lady and a great family also cudos to you all

jaclyn Richmond says:

Most people have no choice but to work a full time job. It isnt an option to slow down and ignore the world. We arent going to let this stop us from making what changes we can to produce a slower life. You all are very Lucky!

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