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50 things you can do to save the planet // easy eco-friendly tips!

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hope you enjoyed this video all about saving the planet!! sorry it’s up late! if you have any other tips please comment below :)))

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natalie belle says:

wow this is such an important video

Malaysia Aunyia says:

I want to become an eco friendly whore

-small youtuber

Rose Aragon says:

She's is very right! At my school we were running outside for gym and I picked up every single plastic piece outside

Jackeline says:

The thing is a am a kid and like I need protein or whatever so I can’t really do the vegan thing and I am sorta picky so I don’t know what to do about that

Holly Taylor says:

So many good tips and ideas! I’m so glad more and more people are starting to care more about these things. I really think air travel needs to be demonised in the same way as has recently happened with plastic bottles. A plane emits crazy amounts of CO2 – a short return flight will double your annual carbon output, completely cancelling out all your other efforts. Cheap air travel is a huge threat to the future of our beautiful planet.

Isabelle R says:

Amazing video, thx for talking abt this!! <3

bellabelle says:

Simple now have biodegradable makeup wipes!

Carol says:


Jemini says:

I’m coming to Edinburgh uni this year and I’m actually desperately hoping to meet you and become friends! ❤️

Sena GUROL says:


Melody Tu says:

i love this video!thank you for the inspiration!❤️

mathilde d. says:

This video is so so important! Thank you for doing it, it’s really cool to see more and more youtubers doing these videos

Isa G says:

This is a great video, I’m so glad your actually talking about this sometimes I feel alone in trying to change for the good of our climate! Another easy thing you can do is buy reusable produce bags from Amazon so when you go to the grocery store you don’t have to use the plastic bags when you purchase produce!

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