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Here are 6 easy everyday ways to help save the planet and be environmentally friendly!
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WWF Earth Hour #PromiseForThePlanet:

Earth hour is such a great movement towards tackling climate change and raising the awareness needed. Please take part and make a #PromiseForThePlanet

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Maia Barone says:

This is such a great issue to address. I'm so inspired by this video to see that people are actually caring about what's happening to our planet instead of turning a blind eye to it. I don't think any YouTubers ever mention such issues but they are super important. So amazing Niomi❤. Much love😊

Camilla Andersen says:

Really great tips. And such a fun way to do the video.

Life of Priya says:

Your the only YouTuber I watch, love u niomi

Lisanne de Groot says:

I really love this video and I think it is very important so, I hope you are going to make more to inspire more people!
What I do during the day is using my bike instead of the car. I like the bike more than walking because it is faster.

Katie MacMillan says:

Using reusable coffee cups! So many of us grab a daily coffee when we’re out and about, but don’t think about how much this equates to! Every year 100 billion coffee cups are sent to landfill as they are not recyclable or biodegradable – in the UK, and less than 1% of all cups per year are biodegradable.
There’s a brand of reusable cups, Ecoffee cups ( https://ecoffeecup.eco ) which are made of bamboo, the most sustainable crop,
and are therefore completely biodegradable! It does come with a silicone sleeve and lid, but that’s widely recyclable.
They’re really great to use and it’s a brilliant idea, so thought I would share and hopefully influence at least one person 😊

Jade Kelly says:

Loved this so much 🙂

Ben Ladjimi says:

We need to stop eating meat first

arthurtheaardvark13 says:

I love the topic of this video. I'm constantly looking for ways to be better to the environment. Highly appreciate you sharing these tips and talking about how important it is to contribute to saving the planet.

Sabrina Atanasiu says:

Thank you Niomi, I'm so happy you made this video. Climate change is a real problem and it is happening right now, so we should all make an effort and fight it. As they say, there is no planet B. You are so great, much love from Spain!

Tyna S says:

I love this video💖🌹 When it comes to removing makeup there is this makeup removing glove to buy I think in sephora or douglas, and it works just with water. You don't even have to use a cleanser and it does a good job even with waterproof mascara 😌💃

Super Kids ND says:

good tips thanks

Jacen Starhunter says:

Excellent video 👍👍❤

Olive says:

these tips are all very sweet, but I feel like most of the people, who are just a bit conscious, are doing them already. Travelling by plane has the biggest impact on the environment, so maybe we could all work on that instead of travelling like 3 times a year by plane.

DESKEJT x says:

the best to fight with the global warming is buying electric cars

Emilie Peyre says:

Loved this video!!!! Thanks for inspirering me Niomi 😊

Animalover Veganette says:

Thank you for bringing attention to such an important issue, Niomi. I have begun to look at greatly reducing my plastic. I carry stainless steel straws in my bag so I don’t have to use plastic straws at restaurants. I also recently bought an eco friendly hair brush and comb instead of plastic ones.

monica mourad says:

thank u so much ❤

Betiana Almeida says:

Awesome video! Thank you for bringing awareness to your followers…

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