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6 HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS » vegan, eco-friendly, + practical 🎁

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» XERO SANDALS – https://raw-alignment.com/collections/minimalist-shoes/products/unisex-xero-sandals
» BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH – https://raw-alignment.com/collections/body-care/products/mable-toothbrush
» MANTRA BRACELET – https://raw-alignment.com/products/mantra-bracelet
» HYDROFLASK – https://raw-alignment.com/products/reusable-water-bottle
» COLORING BOOK – https://raw-alignment.com/collections/coloring-book-1

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P.S. I love YOU
~ Alyse


Eleonore Bon says:

This confirms my idea that people always like giving things they enjoy themselves, instead of what the recipient wants.

Amy Johnson says:

I am worthy of living in abundance 🙂

Melina Sofía says:

Your channel is so calming and soothing to me. I love watching you and it inspires me to be more friendly to my body and the earth. I now look for ways to use less plastic and ingredients in food and beauty products. I'm slowly easing into it but it's a step.

Salla says:

I think all of you followers already know all of these products…

Χριστίνα27 says:

is it just a coincidence that there's a ring on her left hand orrr

Piper Couture says:

I am worthy of living in abundance

Christina Lennartz says:

What necklaces are you wearing? Love the video 🙂

Cringy Zoe says:

Love ur hair now

CrackerFlower says:

I ordered 2 sets of to-go ware. I LOVE THEM, my question is… Do you have any tips about cleaning them on the go? I don't really care for putting them back in the case dirty and can't find any info on what others do.

eve _kali says:

I am worthy of living in abundance. So are you! Love you.

Giovanny Rodriguez says:

Watching your videos make me so happy. I know that I can make a change thanks to you ❤️

Lionqt7 says:

I am worthy of living in abundance. Just ordered the mantra band for my sis, thanks!

fanniiiie9 says:

Really love those ideas ! 🙂

hess says:

alguem de sao paulo capital vai comprar o livro de colorir e quer dividir o frete???? help a sister out aqui amigos

Pineapple Princess says:

This is a genius video! Thank you for sharing!!

nicole boudreaux says:

plus metal utensils take out the negative ions in food!!!!! #bamboo4lyfe

Sophia Tauber says:

love the video! where is your necklace from? 🙂

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