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7 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS for a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Today I am sharing 6 new years resolutions with you that can help “save the planet.” I know that may seem like a far fetched concept, but a combonation of small acts can lead to big difference.

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Cheryl Harrison says:

I'd love to see a video about what you DIY and what you don't. I've already started several DIYs that I'm sticking with! And I pick up trash in my neighborhood whenever I go on a walk. One thing I'd like to get is a shoulder bag that's washable that I can put trash in while on my walks and hikes. So that's on my wishlist!

Victoria Jackson says:

My New Years resolution is to have a no-spend January and I really liked your giving up fasted fashion/ only buying seconded hand clothing.

Taylor Lynn says:

Just one of the things my little family is doing to better themselves in 2019 is trying to live a low waste lifestyle (reuseable bags, bringing own container to restaurants for leftovers & to-go drinks, buy unpackaged veggies/fruits/nuts/mushrooms/LUSH or unpackaged/zero waste bath products, making sure what we do buy is in recyclable packaging, no more single use paper products (hand towel, napkins and toilet paper, etc.) + a lot more).
Oh and also actual RECYCLING! I don't know why but this has been a long time coming. Like, something I should have been doing for years already. Thank you Shelbi for helping plant & water these seeds in my life so that I can help other people and of course our planet 💛

Sarah Herring says:

Please do a DIY video, it would be so helpful!! My biggest action resolution for this year is to walk in the morning at last six days a week, and to pick up trash along the way like you said in your video 🙂 My other resolution is to be an advocate for my beliefs, and stop apologizing if others have issues with my lifestyle/diet. I tend to let other people walk all over me, but this is going to be the year that it stops and I finally start taking the space I deserve!

Mariska - says:

I'm doing monthly resolutions, so I don't have to make a great change at the beginning of the year, but do it more gradually, so in the end of 2019 I've picked up 12 good, sustainable habits. I'll probably implement them all at the beginning of the year, but really focus on each resolution during its own month.
January : starting meditation daily
February : no more single use bags (plastic And paper)
March : only reusable menstrual products from now on
April : no more fast fashion (I probably won't be buying any clothes anyway. Being broke is very sustainable)
May : plastic free veggies
June : sustainable makeup
July : look into a glass waterbottle
August : coral friendly sunscreen
September : switch to a sustainable bank
October : get a plastic free coffeecup
November : sustainable laundry
December : ecofriendly Christmasgifts

Rockabyebecca says:

Not shopping fast fashion is so difficult where I live…. all charity shops are absolutely tiny and don’t stock clothes that actually look good :/

Vasikins says:

I didn't start "zero" waste with an intention to be good to this planet, but, I've been cutting costs on everything due to living in an abusive household and saving every penny to finally move out this year (which is finally going to happen and it's my goal)
Now I'm aware of the environment. I have more money than I ever did before, and I was a minimalist prior to this. Now I'm like a master minimalist. (lmao)
I make my own toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, I use an ACV conditioner rinse, I take glass jars to the store when buying coffee and grains in bulk. I'm not vegan but I did take a glass jar to a farm that's local. I also DO NOT buy factory farmed products. That industry is disgusting and bad for the earth.
I also realized that I'm obsessed with Mason jars and bought a lot of them just to do DIYs and store things in them.
I use a bar of soap and have for the last 6 months.
I also bought a beautiful lavender Pela case, I re-use my coffee cup and water tumbler and my boyfriend bought me a steel straw with my name engraved on it for my birthday last year.
I use re-usable bags and donate any plastic bags I may collect over time if I forget my totes to a thrift store or homeless shelter.
I thrift a bunch and haven't bought fast fashion in quite a while. If I have bought fast fashion, I cut it down by 95%.
I also consume much less than I used to. I no longer buy brand new makeup unless I receive new makeup as a gift and I will buy eyeshadow palettes used from a shopping app such as Poshmark/Mercari.

Vaughn Hugh says:

My new year resolutions are:
◼ giving my best at being zero waste
◼ giving my best at the exam
◼ and not stop fighting; I'm not gonna let the depression win

You're vibe is amazing! I love all the people that try to introduce veganism, zero waste, minimalism and overall sustainable living, but sometimes all that information is overwhelming. I am so grateful that you are so kind and you try to make it all look simple. I admit sometimes I am pushy trying to spread the awareness, but I give my best not to be.
love & peace🌸 (you're making the Earth a better place)

Brie Walters says:

My new year’s resolution is to not buy any books, and to borrow them from the library instead.

Courtney Cooper says:

I’d like to see the DIY video you mentioned 🙂

Jen Blood says:

So inspiring – thank you for sharing your resolutions! I've tried to scale down my resolutions from a list of hundreds to something a bit more attainable, and this was a great blueprint. I'm a homesteader, and my biggest resolution this year is to reduce my reliance on fossil fuel – something that can be challenging living in rural Maine. I'd love to see a DIY video from you, as well! Particularly household cleaners and shampoo – I could definitely use recipes that work in those departments.

Healing Touch with Julia says:

I'm quitting fast fashion this year!

Mya Moore says:

Cut out red meat and eat more fruits & veggies! I also wanna try and find a way to reduce my waste at college!

Alyssa Pizzi says:

One of my resolutions is to take better inventory of my fridge and plan my meals more to reduce my food waste. And I want to try composting again!

Pauline Mhl says:

really nice video ! my resolution for 2019 is be a full time vegetarian ahah
love from France <3

Charlotte says:

My new years resolutions are to give up the big 4 and remember to bring the things with me because I have been trying recently but sometimes is forget. Also to pick up rubbish is I see it in the street. I'm also going to shop second hand more often and try to reduce my use of plastics on general 🙂

stargirlwonders says:

A resolution I have is getting an art piece of mine in a local coffee shop!! Maybe in an art gallery someday but baby steps.

Jess Marett says:

my new years resolutions are to do a year long no-spend challenge and to meditate every day 🙂

Sarah Karver says:

Hey Shelbi! My new year's resolutions are:

1. to just slow the heck down and think through my actions in relation to the planet + personal wellbeing
2. grow my youtube channel! (you're such an inspiration for this)
3. join my local environmental activism groups and call my senators + congressman to give my thoughts on environmental policy

love this video and your content, as always <3

Zoe O says:

you look super cute!

Anastasia R says:

I'd love to see a DIY dos and don'ts video! I guess it would be a resolution sort of, but I want to do a no spend challenge. I'm starting with just January because I don't want it to seem so overwhelming to start, Ideally though I would like to do it for the whole year.

Flor Cruz says:

My new years resolution is to practice less consumerisim. Try to use the items I have until they give no more before replacing them.

AreYouMakingTea ? says:

Hey! To do a beach clean is actually one of my resolutions! Also the wish list was s fab idea over Christmas so i will definitely try and do that for the year. Lastly i agree with you about making smaller dietary changes to begin with, so another of mine is to do a veggy or vegan day a week 😊💚🌍 xx
I actually have like 30 at this point. I watched sustainably vegans video on resolutions and she suggested making categories. Mine are fitness ( mental and physical health), travel ( local places), first and challenges and sustainability. 30 seems like alot but they are all manageable and easy to re-attempt xx

Alyssa Ball says:

My goals are to make my house more eco-friendly, and to be healthier losing some weight would be a bonus

Ella Cushing says:

My new years resolutions are to help get my school a badge/certificate, that labels our school as eco friendly! There is an environmental club at my school, with only a couple members, so we're hopefully going to persuade the headmaster to let us do an assembly, and get people talking about being more conscious! 💖🌱

Idrees Saleem says:

My resolution is to continue on with my boycott of fast fashion (9 months already!), continue buying second-hand from thrift stores, and (maybe) save my money for a couple of expensive investment pieces from reputable ethical brands (e.g. People tree, Reformation)

Maggie Macha says:

Please DIY successes ♡ Great video, thank you for sharing

Truly Terica says:

New subbie. Would love to see DIYs that you do vs ones you dont

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