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7 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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Switching 5 of your most used lights in the house to LED bulbs will save $75 in electricity every year! 🌱

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Denis tr3x says:

what a great soundtrack! please tell the track id 🙂

Homemaker and Diary says:

Eco friendly $3 DIY rug

Eric Henneberg says:

I am a plumber from Germany and urge you to turn down your water heater below 140 ° F. It is dangerous because of the possibility of forming Legionella. If you want to know more about this fact, read this article: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/infectious-diseases/legionella.html

Buzzfeed should do better research.

Dennis C. says:

Go vegan 🌱!

Shane Flores says:

I do all 7 , but I suggest growing your own fruits and veggies. I started with a peach te that ended up dying on me. Now I have lemons, bananas, oranges, aloe vera, tomatoes, jalapenos, loquat, mangos and avocados (these last three trees are treated like the most fragile things I own) I recommend that more than those plants.

YouObviously LoveOreos says:

Okay but Kimberley Queen is such a nice name tho

Eswaran Girija says:

But it's awesome

Eswaran Girija says:

Is this video for Global Recycling day?

Nanna Falk Christensen says:

Don't turn down your water heater! It has to be at a 140°f or 60°C in order to prevent harmfull bacteria!

talktive tucker says:

just watched jenna marbles plant tour….now this….i need plants in my life.

Jayarie says:

Eco friendly and cut costs are two different things. Many of these were leaning towards reducing your bill and didn't really matter ecologically given the reasoning provided

MyLittlePonyPro says:

Get tucking solar panels

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