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80 things you can do to save the planet – Eco-friendly tips & swaps

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Today I am showing you 80 things that you can do to help the planet! I also have some zero waste swaps and tips so you can help the environment!

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Hana Grace says:

Ahh sorry for the re-upload, I accidentally deleted the video when I was messing with the settings, and then I re-edited a couple bits since I deleted it anyways. 😂
Also if you have any tips that you’d like to share, please feel free to comment them below!!!

Lilabean says:

I love how environmentally conscious you live 🙂 I really look up to how dedicated you are to help the earth. I have taken a few steps like go vegan and try and use less plastic, but now I'm inspired to do more

Max Kiernan says:

Use Led light bulbs instead of halogen. The amount of electricity you save is amazing.

ThatOneAlien says:

I’ve recently switched to vegetarianism, invested in a diva cup, put more effort into recycling, and buying less soft plastics and I’ve been interested in switching to a vegan but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on dairy free foods and such, any advice?

Genna Creedon says:

You've done a video on online clothing stores, but I was just wondering if there were any regular stores that are sustainable? I'm pretty new to the Eco friendly lifestyle and I want to learn as much as possible! Thanks love 🙂

Seen says:

You are amazing! Thank you for sharing these! 💕✨

Amber Smith says:

Cant do all of these but will try!✨ Got my Vegetarian lifestyle ready and my metal straw to save dem tootles and a re-useable water bottle!💕😂🦋

Brandi Acuna says:

1:47 or maybe just don’t buy a straw at all if you’re physically able to drink the beverage without one, just a thought

יערה וולפגור says:

Where can i buy the shampoo and conditinor?

Anna Macchi says:

I wrote down everything thanks ❤️❤️

Shikhar Srivastava says:

IDK why YouTube recommend me this.

Edwin Serrano says:

I love this🧡🌻

silej says:

i really really want to buy a bamboo toothbrush or that metal razor but I live in serbia so i cant find it anywhere.

Andrew S says:

Thank you so much for this very informational video on such a big problem in this country that is only going to get worse if we as a human race don’t change our ways. I was listening to a thing on NPR about how we used to sell our plastics to China as they had the cheap labor and resources to recycle them and make a profit but even doing that was polluting China’s waterways so the government cracked down and said no more and now our plastics are ending up in landfills and waterways and no one knows what to do with them. It was said on the program if we don’t change our ways by 2050 there will be more plastic by weight in our oceans than fish which I found shocking. Kroger one of the nations largest grocery store chains that produces 6 billion plastic bags a year is going to phase them out in all of it’s stores by 2025 which is wonderful. Anyway thank you again so much for this video it has really helped me get started living an eco-friendly lifestyle and be more self aware of the decisions I make. I hope you will continue to make more eco-friendly videos like this so we can all benefit from your wealth of knowledge and personal experience.

Emy Babineau says:

#70 You can use https://cleanfox.io/blog/en/ for cleaning up your mailbox!

Allison Grundy says:

The ecosia add on this video was perfect

Yas Humphreys says:

I made a list from this video. Definitely improving my lifestyle. So interesting and important! Thank you for this video. 💕

rakelg says:

this video is so great thank you x

Mazzie Bear says:

Thank you so much for this video! I couldn't believe about the computer files, going to delete all mine now. And ecosia, I've never heard of that but I'm going to use that every day now instead of google!! 💖

Milena says:

You're amazing! 💞

Marolin says:

All these tips are so great, some are also new for me! But I have to say that using the dish washer is actually better than washing dishes by hand if the dish washer is full and isn't really old, because "new" dish washers save water in comparison to dish washing by hand 😊

Aaryana Ibarra says:

so many people need to see this and your videos are so good I totally expected you'd have like 100k+ subscribers whaaaaat

Rääpynä says:

If you have an outhouse (at a summer house, grandma's house, etc), build a separating system (a bucket that has holes at the bottom) or invest in a store-bought composting toilet. Poop is very nutrient-rich and when it goes to the ground in large amounts, it contributes to the water eutrophication. (Similarly to agricoulture fertilizers) This negatively affects water ecosystems.

(I don't know if this issue is very talked about in other countries, but here in Finland, where we have tens of thousands of lakes, hundreds of thousands of ponds, dozens of rivers, and the Baltic sea, water eutrophication is a huge environmental issue that people don't know enough about.)

Rääpynä says:

Blow your nose to a cloth hankerchief, kinder on your nose and the environment. You can cut old shirts into squares and sow the sides or buy them from men's clothing sections and military equipment stores, at least.

gaby n says:

shared this video with as many people as i could, thanks for the tips they’re really helpful 💓

inspiration by Laura says:

Love this so much. It makes me so happy to see that there are people out there who really do care about the environment. 🌱🌎💗💗💗

Ori Scribb says:

That one dislike was a vsco seeing you do more.

LInk04871 says:

This is incredible tysm for the great tips <3

Cera Whittaker says:

thank u so so so much for this video, I got so inspired✨

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