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A beginner’s guide to being eco-friendly about beauty

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From ingredients – to environmental considerations – to what works best for your skin, it’s hard to know where to start when mixing up your daily beauty regimen. Lifestyle Expert Sabrina Maddeaux offers her tips on what to look for and cut back on.

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DarkR0ze says:

coloured glass actually protects and prolongs the product that's why it's needed and prefered by many; it's also re-usable as it's glass. We can return the clear glass to the recycling depot and keep the coloured for re-use.

jessymay says:

you mention cruelty free products (yay!), and then move on to Mac's lipstick recycling program…..a company that is NOT cruelty free. Would be nice to show products/ companies that actually fit the "eco friendly beauty" you are talking about!

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