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A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Minimalist – Zero-waste, Vegan, Mindfulness

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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SUSTAINABLE MINIMALIST | Join me on a day where I practice minimalism, zero-waste, sustainable living and mindfulness.


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Heal Your Living says:

I allow my journey to be imperfect. For me, I focus on doing what I can in the moment and doing it with compassion and mindfulness at the center. How do you practice sustainability or minimalism in your life? What changes have you made or want to make to be more eco-friendly?

Martina T. says:

I feel very relaxed just watching this :)))

Starfish six says:

you're calming…..

rainfrog says:

CBD oil? Why would you drug yourself? All studies involving marijuana indicate it worsens anxiety and panic attacks over time.

Beccy says:

I do really admire your way of life even though I could not imagine it for myself at this moment.
But thank you for inspiring me in small ways and in big. ♥️

Trigger Happy says:

What's this "songa"? I know i'm spelling it wrong but ii've never heard of it, don't even know how to look it up.

Offensive Username says:

Oh, it's one of those young women who have to try out every extreme philosophy and lifestyle out there. More disgusting than inspiring.

Lilith Eleanor says:

I’m from Austin!! I moved to Roanoke VA for school and don’t see myself moving back permanently, but it’s a wonderful place to be from

Nari Shemintarc says:

Sorry, but this is not a zero waste lifestyle. It might not even be fully sustainable. It's simply not possible in our society.
You have a smartphone for god's sake! How do you think that "nebulizer" was developed and marketed? You use energy. Just using your blender to make a smoothie in the morning takes up more energy than a woman in rural india for example has access to all day.
Glass, steel and other durable materials actually take huge amounts of energy to be produced (that is why Europe was almost entirely deforested before people started using fossiles like coal etc for energy production).
Was your house made with concrete? Not sustainable. Where do those bananas come from?
You bought a sprouting tray thingy instead of just using on of the millions and millions of terracotta dishes that already exist in this world.
The most sustainable product is one that already exists, not one or that is purchased from an eco-friendly company. That's just Marketing different products to different consumers.

Don't get me wrong – it is GREAT what you are doing!!! If everybody just lived a little more to those principles, the world would be a much better place.

But we can only fool ourselves into thinking that our lifestyles are sustainable. Humanity stopped being sustainable long before the Middle Ages.

Luisa H says:

Your hair is short so it requires frequent touch-up. How do you do it? I stopped going to hairdressers since 5 years ago and I DIY my hair. I want to grow my hair to it's terminal length so I only snip the v at the end of the damaged hair strand. My hair is right below my butt but I never spend more than 10€ or ok 10$ a year for conditioner and/or shampoo. I use coconut oil instead of shampoo and conditioner for days in a row. My hair loves it. So how do you as a minimalist cope with your hair?

kathleen mae says:

Deodorant ?

Maddex McArthur says:

Minimalists should not be drinking a lot of water. keep in mind, they are "minimalists."

Alana Lu says:

what do you do for money? xxxxx

quotidianlight says:

Would you please post the helmet and pannier brand? I'm preparing to do a bike tour and am struggling to keep enviro damage to a minimal. So far, attempting to go mostly used but I am super interested in the helmet and bike bag

Cindy Phan says:

Wow I live in mueller and didn't even know there's a knife sharpening person at the farmers market! Will definitely check that out this Wednesday!

Dolores Overbeck says:

Waiting expectantly for more videos….You’re an awesome gal….Thank you…

GhostArya says:

Thanks for another video! I watched few of yours today (I just got home from a night shift, so I'm relaxing by watching YouTube), on one hand I really admire this kind of lifestyle, on the other it just seems to me that most people doing this lifestyle are freelance, working from home… I am a mental health professional and I work three jobs to support myself (because the wage in my field is terrible ) and I can't imagine living like this – when I get home from work I either have more work to do or I'm simply too exhausted to do anything. But maybe one day I will manage to have my own little office for my clients and I will be able to structure my time better. Keep it up, you inspire many people!

It's JEEZ! says:

are you fucking kidding me. ultra hardcore minimalist but HAS A 1K$ phone. WTF ?

Amruta says:

Your lifestyle is pretty much similar to mine…

Brittanie Rice says:

Those sprouts look very anemic you're probably not getting the full benefits you could be with them like that

Mekah L says:


Angelita Canaria says:

I love to have a small place for plant. That's very nice to take all fresh. From the Canary islands _Spain

Bee Flores says:

Where can I find a bottle and ball for water like yours? Love that

Happy Fun Time Adventure Hours says:

It is like an episode of Star Trek…simple clothing, basic things mixed with high tech and electronics. I feel like they visited your planet and Captain Picard learned to play the flute. Joking aside, VERY cool and inspiring way to live.

Atheeva Rejikumar says:

I was wondering how your diet works, since it doesn't seem to contain much of protein sources?

FlyingRose S says:

What does she do for a living? I'm curios.

iamanneka says:

What community garden do you go to!

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