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Advanced Cleaning Vlog #19 || Pungent Yorkie urine odor removed from green living room carpet

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IridescenceYT says:

Dang, the green rugs have me feeling homesick. :/

neva rachel gontier says:

Im just living for these videos ugh keep up the hard work!

traitor joseph says:

Do you ever show cleaning the equipment??

traitor joseph says:

You need to start teaching folks and start new businesses in other locations with high demand

M C says:

Great attention to detail there. You are very polite and well- spoken too. Great lines as usual!

Natalie Grace says:

Hey Miles😉😘😏

Sydney Wiler says:

Who puts an area rug on carpet??

Kitty Richardson says:

I can’t get over how clean you get carpets and tiles. Just wish I live were you all work. I am in Alpharetta.

Mary J Flanagan says:

Why don't you wear facemask?

4evr.ll says:

I found this channel this past weekend & ive been binge watching every since 😊☺️ I sleep so good after 😂‼️ you guys are amazing! 💛

Hannah Leader says:

it woud be intresting

Hannah Leader says:

haw do you swich your moter of your cupet cleaner on I wouid love to see a demo before you carpet clean

Hannah Leader says:

this is the part I like when you use your carpet wond

M.C. Saint says:

Just the cleaning itself removed the odor? No urine in the pad?

Latoya Newton says:

As soon as I see you plug in the CRB I like the video because that's all I need, love watching the crb

Washington Pro Carpet Cleaning says:

/ I like the quality of your video. Are you using a go pro hero 7 with a head strap?

Briana Wellington says:

7k who dis? Lol keep up the good work kid awesome cleaning.

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