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This is probably the cheapest cat litter you can get! Plus, it smells so much better than commercial clay litter. For just $6 you can get 40lbs of pine pellets that will last over a month for two cats! Pine litter is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable. Save money and the Earth at the same time!

I found this site that offers pine pellet from another brand. The description of of pellets say that these pellets are “high heat processed to remove oils and other potential allergens”.

This other brand is kiln-dried and also removes oils from the pellets: https://www.truevalue.com/pine-pellets-bedding-40-lbs

Products mentioned (some links may be affiliated):
Litter box | https://amzn.to/2XS2h79
Stainless Steel scoop | https://amzn.to/2LCe3w9

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nematoad says:

Can you get that litter anywhere?

Barbara Crabtree says:

We have been using the pine pellets from TSC for almost a year now. As you said, the pine smells good and you don't smell the urine. I love this system!!

JunieB Jones says:

It’s important to only buy kiln-dried pellets, as natural pine sap is toxic to cats. The drying process removes this and makes it safe to use.

Kyahh says:

Can sb give me a link to the pellets i can't find them?

dzaneena daze says:

Hi! How did you make your cat transition to wood pellets? I would love to make them switch to wood pellets but they hate it huhuhuhu helpppp

dzaneena daze says:

Hi! How did you make your cat transition to wood pellets? I would love to make them switch to wood pellets but they hate it huhuhuhu helpppp

SiSiSiUSA says:

Can u make a video of your cats using it?

Sagans Run says:

I got 2 of the sifter pans like you have. But I need to know how to get my cats to use it.

They don't seem to want to use it.


Michaela Cannon says:

There is something unhealthy about every single cat excrement collection methodology. Anything is either going to hurt the humans or hurt the cats. Seems the only real solution is dirt or beach sand or…. and there is probably some environmental or health warning about those too. For God's sake, maybe the answer is DON'T KEEP INDOOR CATS! My indoor/outdoor ranch cat was pooping in my compost. Can you imagine the travesty there? I bet all the neighborhood cats were pooping and peeing in my raised beds! So, we should keep cats outdoor only but make sure you cage in your vegetable garden and any place that your children might go where a cat has been and don't let your kids play in an outdoor, unprotected sand box at school or at the park either. Matter of fact, I'm going into the Human Bubble business! I'll be rich!!!

Ann Saeli says:

Ann again. Someone named "Diving Light For All" sent me an email that says pine is poison for cats. Not according to my research!

Ann Saeli says:

I often pick up the poop with a wad of toilet paper so it isn't sitting around.

Ann Saeli says:

The directions on this litter box say to have the ""colander-ish" pan in the middle of the 3 pans. That seems like an extra step and also incorrect. I see you have that pan(colander-ish) on the top of the 3 too. Definitely makes more sense to me!

fried apple pie says:

so if the poop doesn't get hard, then there's a potential that my cat is tracking poop in the house. I am trying to learn if this is something that I want for my home and for my cat. It sounds very inexpensive and eco friendly but if my cat accidentally steps on the poop, it might be a big problem. idk.. help me out!

mrs smiff says:

Lining the tray kinda defeats the "eco friendly" part

Yarn Kitten says:

I'd love to switch, however, I never smell poop. We use fresh step, multi cat I think. I scoop daily and the boxes never smell like poop or pee. I did try the worlds best cat litter, because I know the clay isn't good for anyone, but my house smelled. I was scooping several times a day. It still smelled. I'm glad you at least said that you can smell the poop. None of the other videos have said that, so thanks for the honesty I guess. I think fresh step has changed something because it's way way way less dusty than it was not that long ago.

divine light for all says:

I understand it is inexpensive, but please research. I believe it needs to be processed a specific way or it is toxic to cats. Their liver cannot process if ingested. Also, breathing it in brings it into their system. Please research. I wanted to use it also, until I researched it. Please don't risk your cats health. All the best to you.

divine light for all says:

Pine is toxic to cats.

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