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Amish Sustainable Living and Why They Plant Sustainable Gardens To Live Off

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Amish Sustainable Living and Why They Plant Sustainable Gardens To Live Off – http://www.amishsurvivalsecrets.com

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Not Known says:

The guy just needs to 'fess up and say that he wants to 'look' Amish. Would give the video a lot more credibility.

Oglethorpe Zippelmeier says:

Hey! E is wearing colours! That's not Amish!

john parker says:

You are right !!! my mother was Amish and my farther people old order Mennonite, and there are a lot of you tube want to Be's !! First off they never knowingly are photographed !!! it's considered a graven image !!! there are many of my people who have places of bossiness here that i would like to post but don't because they don.t want to be photographed, and i respect that !! any questions you can pm me . I will answer them, it may take a couple of days though

Sue Moore says:

Also…I thought Amish did not use anything electric, so what's up with the YT channel & vids? Or are we on a par with the bogus amish mafia reality show on tv???

Sue Moore says:

I was under the impression that real Amish don't want their pictures taken??? I have an Amish community down the road is how I know.

roberta peck says:

Thanks for sharing outside of your own community. I think there is a growing populous who is now ready to learn what your forefathers have passed down. John Colton of "Grow your greens" youtube videos has done much to inspire self reliant food growing,

Mario Doiron says:

I'm happy to see videos showing Amish agricultural practices, as this group has much to teach the rest of us in regards to sustainable lifestyles. I hope this video set is acceptable to your religious order and that more will be produced in the future. That said, I'm subscribing.

momzilla jones says:

glad to hear from other amish friends. keep the vids coming.canning and food storage is a subject i would be interested in hearing about from the amish ladies of the community. root cellars, dehydrating canning the old ways have always been best.natural health remedies, healthcare aspects of women , child bearing, midwives, child rearing….awesome start of a channel. thank you

Forrest Hunter says:

I have never seen an amish person that thought photos or video was acceptable. I thought it was a unacceptable act of pride and/or vanity? But I guess that would vary from order to order, Nice Vids

mclamb2011 says:

You must belong to a more liberal church. Does the bishops apprpove of your effrts?

Cdngardengirl says:

I'd love to hear what sort of herbal tea blends you make.

BonnieBlue2A says:

I had no idea that peanuts would grow as far north as Indiana. It would be great to see a video in the future on these and what varieties have been successful so far north. Thank you.

TheLostinspace says:

one with nature

Sheila6325 says:

Very Nice, Thank you!

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