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April Harvest & Update on Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Beans, Squash, etc.

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Please join me for an April harvest from our zone 5 garden! I’ll also show share how our summer crops are coming along, including beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchini.

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My original music featured in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR9ytRkZhvg

0:16 lettuce harvest
0:54 pole bean update
1:40 Egyptian Walking Onion harvest
1:48 Lettuce harvest
1:59 Claytonia (Miner’s Lettuce) harvest
2:04 Swiss Chard harvest
2:09 Red Veined Sorrel harvest
2:15 Spinach harvest
2:34 Bush bean update
2:46 Sweet potato update
3:04 Tomato update
3:45 Cool weather crops are no longer covered
3:58 Sugar snap peas and potatoes update
4:29 Tokyo Market Turnips
4:43 Squash and cucumber update
5:13 Claytonia harvest
5:20 Kale harvest
5:31 Red Kitten Spinach harvest
5:37 Mache harvest
5:44 French Sorrel harvest
6:03 Complete harvest

OYR is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost and mulch. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.


Felecia Cofield says:

Patrick! My gosh! You are so talented! I couldn't believe my ears when I watched your music video! Yankees making hillbilly music! Unbelievable! Wished ya'll were here in Dixie! Can't wait to hear more! Oh, and the garden is awesome too! Love how you get everything started so early! Blessings from Bama!

Josephine D'Agostino says:

I'm glad you told us how quickly you'll eat your harvest; I was wondering "what's he going to do with all those luscious greens?"!!

Prairie Plantgirl says:

First frost free day 🎉

Namrata Rane says:

Are you reusing grow bags from last year ? Do you plant anything in the bed with perennial cold hardy greens during summer ? I have a bed where I want to do that but don't want to dedicate it only for greens for the whole season due to lack of space. Also I would love to see your Asparagus harvests. As usual a great video. It is so refreshing to see harvests coming in so early.

tvtimemomx2 says:

Hi, I was going over some of your old videos and came across the episode about using spent beer grains. I was wondering 5 years later are you still doing this? And have you learned anything new about the process that you can share in a new video. I have found a local source myself and would like to use it in my compost/worm bins all year long.

aw says:

When do your sunchokes start sprouting?


Loving your music and garden as always, thanks.

NM Nate says:

We're getting a really late start this year (didn't start seedlings inside). Should be able to catch up once our heat loving crops are up in a couple of weeks. Going to be trying some varieties that you've recommended, should be a fun learning experience.

JoeyMcSmokey says:

Finally! A good, organic, Zone 5 gardener. I am a new sub and found you via Christian at Ice Age Farmer. Thanks for your hard work and for showing us how to be successful!

Krista Ogburn says:

Your garden looks great! When your winecap mushrooms come up, will you do a whole video about them? We were inspired to grow them thanks to your channel but now we have so many we’re struggling to use them all. We like them fine but they aren’t our favorite. Currently we are trying dehydrating them to make mushroom stock later, and we also use them fresh mixed in with other mushrooms. We haven’t tried to give them away because that seems a little creepy….”here, have some free mushrooms…no, I’m not trying to kill you….trust me!”.
How do you use them?

Phloridaboy says:

Have you had a year in which you didn't have to purchase plants or amendments due to your efforts from the previous year?

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