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ASMR Green Living Convention

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I left the remote thing in hoping it might be triggering :p Remember… I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. For everything. Also everything smelled like citrus to me for some reason.

I bet you black chocolate is made from raw cacao.

Note about essential oi blends: they can refer to a mix of EO and fragrance oils

About silk: Certain types of silk do not involve harming any of the caterpillars. Commercial honey can involve removing the wings of the queen and other things that some types of vegans don’t want to support.

Opening soap samples, soft spoken, paper sounds: 3:44
About the other products/con, with up close whispering/soft speaking: 15:55
Bulles et Molecules:
etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/people/BullesetMolecules

From Flowers to Fragrance:

Oil Blends Products:

All Things Hemp Seed:

Organic Traditions:

NOTE: The amber jewelry is from “amberonly” but it says that the site may be hacked so I am not going to be posting it here. You may google it yourself but you’ll see the warning.

…..sorry about the sound of the mic stand hitting my desk…


Ashanti Alexander says:

You have the most dreamy eyes

Desfruco says:

murmullo latino te recomendo eres increible (si no se in gles)

The Judgemental Cat says:

Toronto needs to be burned to the ground.
Horrible place.

Kris F says:

you seem to be moving very fast like you're excited about everything you got, I'm glad you're excited

carriv says:

Please do more of these. You have a soothing and confident voice 🙂

Day Dreamer says:

Duuude, you're just too damn beautiful and your eyes are like two hypnotizing emeralds 🌀🌀🌀

Kris Kittie says:

Ardra you look beautiful! I'm so glad to see you back even if this video was a bit ago. ♡.♡

Pal Palych says:

Its 3 of june. Since 8 may im try to catch a new video and im dont give a shit about any other video on youtube. Pls halp.
P.S. Im hope my english wasnt so disgusting as i think

Julie Cervantes says:

I love your videos so much. They are so relaxing and I feel more attached to this channel more than any other asmr channel ❤️❤️❤️ you're so amazing 😀

Sal Bevins says:

Green Living is Code for don't worry about Heavy Metal, Radiation or chemical Pollution. But Tax/Ban the building block of "Life" in this world ( Carbon ).

Daniel Webster (1782–1852)
QUOTATION: The power to tax is the power to destroy.
ATTRIBUTION: This quotation comes from the words of DANIEL WEBSTER and those of JOHN MARSHALL in the Supreme Court case, McCulloch v. Maryland.

Webster, in arguing the case, said: “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,” 17 U.S. 327 (1819).


Marc April says:

Thank you for this great review of Bulles et Molécules products! See you in Toronto Soon.

Dylan Markley says:

Hey I'd love to chat with you about your channel if you have a minute. Feel free to hit me up via the YT inbox!

SuGaRuSh14 says:

Firstly, I had no idea you were Canadian, I thought Eastern European? You seemed to have a bit of an accent like English isn't your first language, although I guess you could be a native speaker. I'm half Canadian, so that's awesome.Secondly, I had no idea your name was Sarah, not Adra! My name is also Sarah 🙂 Awesome. Am a big fan. Keep up the good work!

Pragnant_weggy_board says:

I'm assuming it would be a given, but are you opposed to fracking?

ASMRaids says:

Товарищи, а нашу Ардрунюшку зовут-то на самом деле Сара! Здорово)))

frankvarden says:

Hi, How come you have removed your patreon link?

Margaret says:

Your videos are always so wonderful! You have such a relaxing tone in your voice that is so natural and not forced. Much love from California 💕

Elizabeth Taylor says:

Some doTerra products are ok, like OnGuard..but it's kind of high pressure multi level marketing, which in my opinion isn't great with aromatherapy products lol…

Matt Thomson says:

I thought someone was trapped in my cupboard when I heard that knocking at 2:40 lol had to rewind to make sure it was actually coming from your video ^_^

Dexter Riley says:

I think Black Chocolate might refer to the ashes of the roasted cocoa pod bark. I read somewhere that it's an ingredient in Black Soap which is for oily skin.

Makron777 says:

Люблю тебя Петра творение

Misses Noitall says:

I totally thought your name was Ardra…

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