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Back to Eden Organic Gardening 101 Method with Wood Chips VS Leaves Composting Garden Series #5

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Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi . Part 5 of 12 Part Series that will help you understand the PRO’S & CON’S of Back to Eden organic deep mulch gardening 101 method with wood chips to composting just Fall leaves. Great start for beginners Tour our secrets for organic soil grow & gardening vegetables 101 documentary with pest control. Looking into soil food web & soil health in organic garden. diy garden


Loan Audits CAL LMH says:

Do the wood chips warm the plants and soil?

Corey Hewey says:

Relocate the gophers into your stomach. Taste as good as rabbits, and equally tender.

Dennis Sullivan says:


Your tractor (seems pretty heavy) doesn't seem to be having much of an impact on the soil, ground. I'd think it would sink more in the leaf mold, perhaps more so than the wood chips, and compact the soil. Again, though, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Can I ask for your thoughts, comments on this?



mrpush says:

question…why not just let's nature put down roots? aka weeds? the design of nature starts the repair work of cleared land with plants that mostly have deep roots which start the fungal pathways u talk about. weeds start prep…then are slowly replaced w herbal types then bush types then on to trees and back to forrest. so if vegetables are between herbs n bushes in canopy why not just let weeds do there thing and plant vegetables amount them. also most plants roots will die off underground according to supporting foliage above ground. so if weeds get too big chop n drop them. the roots die back providing more voids for air and water and food for the fungi…and at top side the chopped weeds become ground cover mulch on the surface around your veges? we fight weeds when maybe we should just be using them? who need compost piles when u can compost chopped n dropped weeds right on sight? and if u r chopping and dropping the weeds u control if they go to seed or not, yes? why pay for cover crops and spend time planting unless u can get a crop from them? but most cover crops r just for roots and then go where, compost pile? who needs that extra work? that my theory…and I'm testing it this year. anyone do this with success? we r all brainwashed that all weeds must be gone…really? only negative I see is weeds can Harbor bad insects maybe? there should be little competition for water n nutrients if they r chopped from time to time. hummm….just wondering.

Teija Nelson says:

Did you abandon the sunflower planting?

Tom Hill says:

Great video. Thank you for taking the time to explain why BTE works, and how you even go one better with the living cover crop. Two thumbs up.

Brian Cosby says:

Thank you for all the helpful info!! Question, we have a new garden plot that has had about 6 inches of wood mulch on top for the past 6 months or so then lots of weeds we just cut short. We know we need to layer LOTS more before spring planting. My question is, do we deep mulch it right away then stop layering to plant a cover crop like winter rye or just keep layering and layering all winter. We have no tress at all in this area and awful soil. We appreciate your wisdom! The plot is not too large maybe about 20 ft by 20 ft.

Chuck Elliott says:

Mark, one of your videos shows you planting squash in appear weed barrier after you'v e knocked down clover. Will you please tell me your source and name of that rolled paper?

Sanura Gunatilake says:

Your series is so informative, thanks so much

Travis Kahre says:

I learn so much from your videos. Thanks for answering my question and for the great info.

Travis Kahre says:

Do you cut the vegetable plant to the ground leaving the roots in the ground when it's season is over or do you pull out the whole veg. plant (ex. tomatoes ) at the end of the season?

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