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Back to Eden Organic Gardening Method 101 with Wood Chips vs Leaves Composting G. Series # 12

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This is Part 12 of 12 Part Series that will help you understand the PRO’S & CON’S of Back to Eden organic deep mulch gardening secrets 101 method with wood chips to composting just Fall leaves. Great start for beginners Tour our secrets for organic soil & growing gardening vegetables 101 documentary with pest control. Looking into soil food web & soil health in a no till organic garden. diy garden. Organic gardening and farming.

NASA Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1SgmFa0r04

LIST link: http://www.rootnaturally.com/PlantListMycorrhizal.pdf


Boss Hog says:

for the non mycorrhizal.. what do they respond to if anything at all? is it to say that endo and ecto don't help overall health of non mycorrhizal? thank you for your post Sir.

Mike Trev says:

Mark, I assume that after a point weeds do compete by shading out the crop. Perhaps you could address with a video how that is controlled when allowing them to subsist. Once again thanks for all that you do. Mike

Red Baron Farm says:

Merry Christmas Mark and to all your family.

Thomas Taylor says:

I've been watching for awhile now and your vids have been a real eye opener. Thank You for sharing

Dallas K says:

you mentioned soil agregtes, what are they ad what purpose do the hold?

chevy6299 says:

Merry Christmas !!!!

Paweł Polek says:

great, thanks for all the information.

marchetta67 says:

This series has been extremely helpful. Can't thank you enough.

CheckSSForm says:

good video Mark! I'm ready to try out my soil that I'm growing thanks to you.

Family JOY says:

WOW! Great video. YOUR channel is Awesome. Subscribed :-)

norweavernh says:

Thanks Mark.I am still confused, however. I have planted cover crops of winter rye and red clover in my BTE backyard garden. Are you saying NOT to terminate the rye in the spring, but to add perrenials to the mix? Pokeweed is a nightmare here in Virginia and are you actually planting it?

I have planted my entire garden w the cover crops, nit just in rows. I am looking to naturalize the garden in a manner like permaculture, with no rows, but groups of plants, how would that best be accomplished? My thought is to possibly clear paths in the cover crops in a random way, add suitable endomycohryzal perrenials such as grasses, herbs etc and also my vegetables and sunflowers in groups. Could you give me your thoughts?

GraceHead1 says:

Kudos, bro!
I see that plants aren't competing in the soil .. but aren't they actually competing for sunlight? I think some strategy might be employed in space planning if only to allow for light, no?

genconex says:

From my understanding, even the leaves are "Back to Eden" gardening. All that this method is, is placing a covering over the soil. Heavy mulching. Paul utilizes wood chips because they're in abundance in his area. He mentions to use whatever you have in your area. Be it leaves, rocks, wood chips, etc.

So, in reality you've already been doing the same method with the leaves.

Coma White says:

Hi can anyone offer advice.. I'm just a home gardener that likes to grow his own food as much as i can. I planted out a bed of onions (both red and brown ones) they grew for a few months but have dropped all their leaves (they did this during the 1st month of summer when the temp >30oC, after growing from seed all spring) and are now small (around 1cm) dormant bulbs under the soil. I dug a few up, the bulbs looked healthy but small, and it had a reasonable amount of healthy roots on it (around 5 cm). So my soil in this bed is currently bare. Do i cover it with hay/leaf mulch over the summer? do I leave it bare so the bulbs can re-shoot easier? or has this crop been wrecked by my crazy hot /humid Queensland weather and its best to just plant something else over it? I was expecting them to grow all summer and autumn, but ive never grown onions before.

TheEmptynester planting Seeds of Hope says:

You did a great job explaining so much. I shared it in my garden group on FB.

Eric Thomas says:

Hi Mark, this next year I think it would be a big help if you showed more of your havesting plants amongst your soil-building plants at various times throughout the year. It's hard for me to understand how you manage the growth of these together. Also, since this is fall leaves versus back to eden, you should show more of the fall leaves angle so we can see the comparisons.

bigh650 says:

thank you – great series
Merry Christmas

kitsurubami says:

Thank you very much Mark. You answered my question, and many more things i never even thought of. I really appreciate the work you do. I believe you're making the world a better place via education :)

lane laney says:

Thank you 'Professor Mark'…another great explanation of "growing soil"!

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, yes I enjoyed another one of your great videos, as usual gives excellent explanation of how it all works. Thank again!!

zemadeiran says:

Thanks Mark,

Your vids on why not to go monoculture are even more important in regards to the root biome.

Merry Christmas

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