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Backyard Organic Container Vegetable Garden Perfect for People Who Rent

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to a viewers home to share with you their backyard container garden. In this episode you will learn exactly how you can set up a backyard container garden which is an excellent way to grow a garden if you rent or have commitment phobias about making changes to your property. After watching this episode you will have the knowledge you need to get out and grow a organic vegetable garden today, so you can start harvesting your own fresh vegetables and fruits and tasting the difference tomorrow.


Christia Hall says:

Jolly cow, I think this guy grows coca plants. He needs to drink more green

MessageWarning says:


garick says:

Thanks John, you are spreading quite a lot of good knowledge. And you’re
pretty entertaining too. Party on, dude. 

John Boyd says:

I want a garden like this!

Suzie Jones says:

John, you were impressive in this video. Very knowledgable about just
about ever aspect of the process. Thanks!

jade green says:

I don’t know if you are aware of the Royal Society & Solar Radiation
Management, which involves reflecting sunlight back into space using metal
nano particulates. Our air is now saturated with aluminium oxide,
strontium, barium and more toxins, these are released from aircraft which
leave persistent contrails “Chemtrails” which turn the sky hazy & cloudy.
This material falls down increasing soil PH and reducing the ability of
plants to grow, Monsanto a GMO corporation have made aluminium resistant
seeds of all foods. E coil, salmonella & other bacteria are also mixed
into this spray. Please watch David Lim’s (from Reading uni) vid taken
March 2013 on YouTube

Sheds Direct says:

Hi John! I’m really an avid fan of your educational video. It seems you
keep inspiring people through advocating the significant aspects of
gardening. Here you go again to give another valuable ideas and I truly
appreciate it. Keep it up and more power! 

SeniorCinco says:

I’ve tried and and I… just can’t do it.

Three different videos and I can’t get past the 30 second mark in any of
them. This guy is too over the top. Too loud, too hyped and the tone of
voice is too annoying.

I’m sorry, but I’d rather be hit in the face with a wire brush than sit
through 5 minutes of… this 

brutalmatt1 says:

this is what my garden looks like
awesome to see some one else doing it too

Khan Productionz says:

i really enjoy your videos……………..from south africa

Charles Coe Jr. says:

Shade tolerant perennials would work well as a groundcover.

nas4good says:

I gave thumbs up just for the first few words you said, and sure for the
vid too.

Egmc72 says:

Thank you very informative. New subscriber to your channel. Look forward to
more videos.

traxmom says:

They are Suyo Long cucumbers. 🙂

Daniel Marquez says:

Third is still bronze.

Stephen Shaffer says:

Great video, any suggestions on my greenhouse new to gardening. Mrsandal704

Quinlan Jager says:

Me too!

Leonard Samuels says:

Then fuck off!

HoofandHorn says:

I love this show, but dude…put your hands down. It seems intimidating.

Marianne Debrizzo says:

Question? It’s that time of year again, I need to start thinking of storing
my flower bulbs for the winter. Question? What is the best way to store
flower bulbs for the winter once they are removed from the ground ? Thanks
for your info.

italianbc says:

Great Vid…

Fresh From Garden says:

I grow multiple plants in the same container too to maximize spaces and
eating 🙂

claytoaj says:

I have a small area, and rent. Consequently, I plant a little in the ground
and do the rest in containers. The most prohibitive element I’ve found is
the cost of the soil to fill all of the pots. I do compost, but again –
pretty small area, so I have a smallish composter (and thusly limited
output). And hey, if you’re ever in the Dayton, Ohio area, I’d love to have
you over and show you all of my small space / patio gardening! I have
self-made rain barrels and I recycle a lot of materials.

Rheacat1 says:

I had to rematch this vid I got distracted by the dog ” using” the yard in
the background. Lol!

Phil Bailey says:

I do too. I have been growing indoors in closets or near the window. Its
much better control and less bugs. Good luck.


Shiney Diney!

bulletfingrz says:

holy crap I got first view!!

Jordan Bédard-Lessard says:

Hey John, thank you for all the informations you give to the community. I’m
from Canada and I’m actually working in Peru. While I’m here, I’m trying to
apply some of the knowledge you’re teaching here to build a urban garden.
I’m starting, so I’ll share some pictures when the project will be more

Kelly Norris says:

I’m really enjoying your videos… great information. Thanks for putting
these together.

Quinlan Jager says:

instead of complaining that Firefly was cancelled, why dont you fund the

Joshua Burk says:

That pressure regulator needs to be after the timer, by the way.

sowseed says:

I always enjoy all your vids!!!

Quinlan Jager says:

I wish john would invest in a HD camera, 360p makes me sad!

Hare Krishna says:

Did i see a dog around 4:49 ?

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