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Best Time to Plant Your Vegetables & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions including: When is the best time to plant vegetables? What are my favorite edible flowers, How to get rid of aphids on fruit trees, how to get rid of caterpillars and ants, when to harvest your crops, how to deal with spider mites and fungus gnats organically and much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
11:50 What are your Favorite Edible Flowers to Grow?
12:45 Do you shred your paper, cardboard, and leaves before composting?
13:45 When Do You Plant? When Do You Harvest? How do you Rotate Crops?
20:15 How is Your Aloe Doing? Do You have runner beans for sale?
22:35 What is the Best time to Plant Crops?
24:50 How do I get rid of Ants and Caterpillars out of my garden?
31:30 How do I get rid of termites in my raised bed organically?
33:45 Are you concerned about the Aluminum in Rock Dust?
36:20 How do I treat Aphids on my Fruit Trees?
38:50 When is the best time to plant certain crops?
39:30 When is the best time to feed your crops for best harvest?
41:15 How do you deal with Spider Mites and Fungus Gnats Organically?
46:00 I’m moving to Las Vegas can you talk about the farmer’s markets?
46:25 How do you like las vegas?
50:40 Where is your favorite place to live in the US?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

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Nicole Genez says:

John how old r u?

Isabella & Jaidyns Garden Adventures says:

Your shirt is KALEing it!

Isabella & Jaidyns Garden Adventures says:

Great Q&A! We don't have enough subs to do a Q&A haha

ben hartzel says:

Relationships can be difficult because the society is shallow, unaware, uninformed, and confused. Being alone is nice for some time. We like to have ideals but we rarely live for the truth.

journey mind body spirit says:

Hey John, I'd move to a farm with you and marry 😳. If we got to know one another more, ofcourse. You inspired me a whole lot and now I'm a gardening addict!

Nikki R says:

What made you move from the Bay Area to Vegas?

Mel B says:

So I live up near u, and the gal at Star Nursery told me its too late to plant? Yes we have had triple digits this WK but its going back to 80s
Was she right? Is it too late to plant in Nevada now?

askenef says:


a j says:

So i have been trying to make communication with you for some time with no results, since i relized you lived right behind my apartments. And that came with no successes after 2 months, even in the one you said you would look through for questions. So since i had no success and you seemed like such a nice person, and you said that you have people come over for tours of your yard i thought i might be able to catch you in town. So i tried to knock on your door i heard a dog come running up and a ladie say "shhhhhhh" to the dog and you say who is it. She then said "its some black guy", you then responded "well just dont answer it". You guys got silent. Then i said "you know i can hear you when you said that," i then walked to my car and left. Was just trying to say hello man.

Steve Smekar says:

Well, there you have it. John, she is delightful young lady with a bright future. Very high blessings to the both of you. That being said, since she is available, this is good information to know. Thank you for all your work, Steve

Ehrlich’s In The Ozarks says:

Happy to meet you yesterday at the Baker Creek Seed Festival! It was beautiful out. I posted our pic on my Facebook. Hopefully it will bring you some more followers. Keep bringing us great content and God bless. -Gabe

Carl Adams says:

So Lauren is single? Tell her I said whats up.

Dre Post says:

Kicked her to the curb over lettuce he's a savage.

Bill Hoegemann says:

do you still own your home in ca.

Papa Pepper says:

It was great to bump into you today. If I make it back tomorrow, I'd like to talk for a bit if you've got the time, or maybe even do a quick interview with you. Keep doing what you're doing!

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