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Best Vegetables You Can Easily Grow in Your Kitchen

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Dave Gil’s Indoor Kitchen Garden to show you the easiest vegetables you can grow indoors during any time of year.

In this episode, you will learn how growing sprouts and microgreens are the easiest vegetables that can be grown in as little as 3-10 days. You will learn how you can use jars you already own to grow sprouts, and how easy it is to grow microgreens on a wire rack shelf.

You will discover how Dave is able to grow the majority of his leafy green vegetables with just 8 square feet of space inside his kitchen.

You will learn the specific items you need to start growing indoors as well as where to buy the seeds.

You will see Dave’s simple set up for growing his indoor vegetables year-round in Las Vegas, Nevada and how you can grow inside your home as well.

Finally, John will interview Dave about growing microgreens, why he started growing food, and much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
06:09 How to Grow Sprouts
13:16 How to Grow Microgreens
22:48 How to Water Your Microgreens
31:20 Interview with Gardener, Dave Gil
32:14 Why did you start growing microgreens and sprouts?
32:57 How did your cancer affected by eating sprouts and healthy raw foods?
33:50 How many sprouts do you eat in a day?
34:55 How many hours a day do you invest in growing sprouts and juicing?
36:11 How much time do you invest in just growing sprouts?
38:08 Where do you get your seeds?
39:36 What are some of the tips for growing microgreens?
40:30 When do you use coconut coir and when do you use organic soil?
42:00 Any final comments about growing sprouts and microgreens?
46:36 Are you available to help people grow sprouts or become healthier?
48:00 Any final comments for my viewers today?

After watching this episode, you will learn how to grow the easiest vegetables that you can grow in your kitchen or anywhere in your home, apartment, condominium or business.

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Tanith1967 says:

Thank you so much.
This is so inspiring. I just started some jars with different seeds I had laying around.
Thank you both and nice greetings from Germany

daverdal1 says:

WTF ? you look years younger. I thought you were someone else and I checked the date on this video and you look 6 years younger than a video I just watched from 2012. the veg thing must really work! haha

eckankar says:

Why not just drink the Ocean Solution rather than run it through the sprouts?

Anonymous Entity says:

Thank you for all of your informational videos! I am new to growing microgreens in my home in cold northern Idaho. My question is how to you catch the water drainage from the trays with holes in your soil wheatgrass trays? I really want to use soil for my microgreens but have not seen a video of how to catch the water. I have a laminate floor in my dining room where the rack will be located. Do you put a solid tray under the tray with holes or do you let the water drip on the rack and catch it on the bottom? Thanks again for all of your videos!

Amarielove18 says:

Does he water the sprouts daily?

Samuel Nelson says:

John keep up the good work.
Are you knowledgeable of the Anointing?


Marco Deo says:

I bought a head of Butterhead lettuce. It came in a shot glass size amount of soil. After I ate the lettuce I put the soil with the bottom of the lettuce head in a jar. I add a little water daily and put it in sun, after a week I have a bud 1 inch high, and another 1/16 inch high. I do not get the need for a flower pot with drain holes ,since you need to put the pot in a dish anyway to catch the water.

F A Cross says:

Excellent video, thank you. Now l'm a new subscriber. l learned so much about growing sprouts and micro greens indoors. Too often we hear in the news about salad greens of all kinds being recalled for ecoli contamination. So l decided to look into growing my own veggies indoors. This would be a great place to start l think. Does Dave have a new website address….godsrx.org didn't work.

Miss Texas says:

You sound like an infomercial. Just talk to me.

Jolie J says:

Too much Saki get to the point….

Stephen Blighe says:

Watch at 0.5 speed

Ari A. L. I says:

Helpful video

The Information Doula says:

Thank you, this is great! Can you share a link to the juicer as well please.

Lauren Pederson says:

I can't tell if you are a Californian or Canadian.

Ernest Ashlock says:

way to muck talking im gone

Maria E says:

John, thank you thank you thank you!!!! For making this video!!!! I feel like I was meant to view this particular video this morning. It really speaks to me. I have a family member who has been told by a doctor that he may have prostate cancer. I will definitely share this video with him. Such a blessing to hear the testimonial of your guest and what a testimony! He cured himself!! Fantastic!!!! Thank you guys so much for the video!!!! ❤️

Kennedy Okumu says:

This is amazing , how long can it take after juicing.

Warren Brown says:

Love this video! However I would like to know where to buy those jars. I'm unsure where to get them and what they are called!

Shane Stephen says:

This guy is wierd awkward and super cringy lol wth

Bap Bap says:

Fantastic! I am already hooked on growing my own food, thanks to you John and David! God bless and thank you so much!

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