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Brie and Birdie’s 5 TIPS for GREEN LIVING!

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Brie wants you to live a greener life and help save the planet by following these 5 simple tips.
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John Smith says:

Birdie is so cute!

Sunny D says:

Not happening on the shower part!😉 Sorry about that. But seriously, its almost 2020 we dont have to live like that anymore. We have come so far, why go backwards?Things are more efficient then they ever were. And who is it helping honestly? God takes care of Everything.

Nely Silva says:

Wow this video made me realize just how much I water and energy I’ve saved.

Cenaforever1028 says:

Birdie is so adorable. It's a shame what she's eventually going to turn into. (meaning a Bella)

John Edward says:

1. Be wealthy
2. Don't be not wealthy

Johanne Fagan says:

What about all the flying you do. How do you offset your carbon footprint?

Scott Gillum says:

What about watching TV

فعلا اكتفيت says:

Love BELLA 💋💋👄👄💖💖

Deba Dev says:

She is amazing
My dad leaves the fridge door open while making a sandwich drives me crazy

Dasery Ballesteros says:

When washing dishes you can get a big bowl and fill it up with water and use that water. If you don’t use it all you can pour it on plants etc.

Linda M says:

Awesome tips!!!

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