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Build A Business Out Of Your ORGANIC Garden – #1 E-Book

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For The #1 Organic Gardening e book = http://tinyurl.com/psfv3qq
You Can Start A Home Business/Save Serious Money As I Have. But The Best Part Is Eating Healthier! I Have Learned Many Of My Ideas From This Book So I Am Sharing, Enjoy & Take Care


This video was originally uploaded and created by Back To Constitution and allowed to re upload
Current USDA regulations allow food products that contain 95-100% certified organic ingredients to use the USDA Organic seal. These regulations:

Prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers, various synthetic substances, irradiation, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic production.

Prohibit antibiotic and synthetic hormone use in organic meat and poultry.

Require 100% organic feed for organic livestock.

When the product is labeled “100% organic,” “organic,” or just “made with organic ingredients,” then even the non-organic ingredients cannot be produced from GMOs. For example, products labeled as “made with organic ingredients” only require 70% of the ingredients to be organic, but 100% must be non-GMO.

Why buy Organic?
It’s about safety for both the environment . . . and for you. Concerns about “health, their community, and the environment inspire approximately three million consumers to buy organic foods in the United States.” *

While synthetic pesticides used in conventional farming may initially hit their targets, over time they become less effective, and pest populations can develop resistance to these chemicals. What follows, is a cycle of increased pesticide applications without increased yields, and the development of even more powerful pesticides that run ahead of the EPA’s ability to study and regulate their use.


BuyTechNow says:

my question is who do I sell these tomatoes to? Any help please

markspc1 says:

Gary Peterson
Okay I have the beef tomatoes growing in a home made hydroponic system (simple), so now who is going to buy my beef tomatoes ?

William Haretuku Haretuku says:

Teacher extraordinaire. Because of what you shared, tomorrow is going to be very interesting. Thanks!


Water, and killing the pests.. Time.. Location.. Heaters or something to keep them alive during the window

Rodney Mason says:

Soil, peat moss, coconut core, compost and protection from animals.

Felicia Hill says:

I wish someone was at my door right now with heirloom or organic sprouted veggies and fruits!

Felicia Hill says:

Wow! You are such a wonderful human being. Thank you for generously sharing your time and wisdom.

I watched, loved, and shared your other video, "Home Based Business …". I love that video not because it inspires me to make a trillion dollars, but inspires me to grow the most that I can possibly grow to simply give to others, especially people who are "without." If there is any we do not have the time to eat, give away, can, or freeze, I want to put the fruit and vegetables in a cute little stand, in our front yard, so that our neighbors can come by to gather what they would like.

But I do LOVE and so greatly appreciate your suggestion of helping our children grow … haha, "grow" a business. I am only just learning how to garden (sad), and I want so greatly to be able to inspire my 3 boys to want to be involved just as much as their parents. For me, it is hard to teach and maintain their attention, when at the same time, I am trying to teach myself. This is it! You are brilliant and amazing in my eyes. This will give them the added incentive to stick with me. I will ask them what percentages they want to save for selling, eating, and giving. Thank you so very much!!!

joe18370 says:

stirofoam cups from dollar tree,just poke whole in center

Haluk L. Aka says:

Those seeds don’t become tomatoes all by themselves. You have to seed em, plant em, water em, mulch em, de-weed em, fertilize em, prune em, stake em… And in order to make serious money, you have to have hundreds of these plants… So it’s not like growing one tomato plant in a container in your balcony. You’ll have to attend to hundreds of tomato plants and most likely you’ll not be able to do it alone, so you’ll hire people. Most likely, your backyard -if you have one, will not be enough and you'll have to buy property… Manual watering will be too troublesome and you'll have to invest in irrigation systems… Harvesting will be too time consuming and you'll buy specialty machinery… Season will be too short and you'll construct a greenhouse (at least for starting seeds early) and will have heating and air conditioning systems for the greenhouse… Now you have acres of property, expensive irrigation systems, machinery for picking your harvest, you have a dozen of people on your payroll and hundreds of young and healthy tomato plants and ONE GOD DAMN frost happens, totally unexpected, outta nowhere, and you are FUCKED IN THE ASS! There goes your 3 months worth labor along with 50-100 thousand USD (depending on where you live) investment, which by the way (because you are a dumb fuck who is basing his investment decisions on stupid youtube videos published by some idiot conspiracy theorists) was the money borrowed from a bank. Voila, you'll be working for the bank for the next 2 decades…: Do yourself a favor, and ask yourself this question: have I ever seen a Bugatti driving tomato farmer?

catherine fahy says:

go buy a beefsteak ……..slice it ………….put it on top of soil………..put in bag and on windowsill…………..wait for it to rot and go get your plants…….hundreds of them for the price of a tomato

GHtv 'GHMammalZ' says:

where do you sell germinated seed in NYC……. I think i can have a lot of my friends doing this with Hydroponics making it possible and an all year thing……. but Again i ask where would we Sell the Germinated seeds to???

Wouldnt want to be stuck with a bunch of Germinated seeds, and no where to Sale!!!

5ko says:

u know how quickly they get rotten? and how u gonna sell them?

Ivan Panev says:

Totally wrong calculations. This investment of 10 cents is just a fraction of what you'll end up paying per plant. As you are presenting it, you would not even invest for water so your production probably won't even cover your costs. Funny guy.

cheesew1re says:

I like the idea of the video but the costs of water, nutrients, soil, and containers will definitely cut into your projected profits here.

Denali Broadley says:

Welp, better get growing!

Renato Scorsatto says:

The costs are not only these. You have to pay for water, you have to have vases and earth.

sharon inay says:

Hello, where can I buy the seed?I'm interested your video.

Diana Roberts says:

Thank you,so much.I will definitely do this?

Jackie Joseph says:

Cult is the root of culture. The Christian "cult" was way more pure & liberating, Essenes were like others a cult. But Agriculture is the foundation of all culture. A cow some land and your on your way to driving a Lambo. Do NOT kill the cow because the dung is actually antiseptic and makes good plant food sanitary wall covering once it's dried. Odd but true; so be cultured. Respect life

flwolf2000 says:

Good video, but your link doesn't work anymore.

T cox says:

The newest thing at walmart is a big pot wiht a big plant…OK folks are really getting lazy if they want to pay 15 for a plant already making tomtoes with a cage…

alex frolov says:

I like this guy's attitude especially his funny system attacks . Come across his videos from time to time. He's got something most of us don't, but as to this tomato kind of way i can tell that i know professionals from the field, and they are from holland, specialising in seeds and tomato production,and this is what they tell. 50%…50% is the best number you can get on your investment from the tomato producing. some do 30% some do 70% in different areas but it's 50% you may consider as a solid number if you'r interested.(beside the cost of required equipment)  And it's not because they're stupid of course – it's because it is what it is. It takes much more than just seeds. But idea is as cool as heck dude. I admire the attitude.

Steve Laubach says:

If I were growing tomatoes for money I wouldn't be doing it from seed. 

I would dig a walipini, clone mother plants and grow them year round.  The pricing in this video is based on when they are in season.  If you're growing them year round you are sometimes making quite a bit more.

The Misogynyster says:

0:200:25.Why eating a hamburger, above some dirt, if your tomatoes could fall off.

Punurisolomon solomonp says:

Solomon Raju, India
I am very much interested and started the first and harvested. It is amazing.

kalyman1974 says:

Frakin capitalis. For is free

Space Wizard says:

You forgot the soil, water, time, labor, containers so you won't make as much profit as you think

stormy weather says:

Seriously my favorite video. (smile). Love the logic.

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