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Building a House the Eco-Friendly Way with 3D Printing | KQED Arts

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Through their Emerging Objects studio, Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello seek to revolutionize architecture by marrying the latest printing technologies with unusual construction materials

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Nebur Nynhs says:

You do understand that function is more important than beauty when talking about building things, especially those meant to house people. My salt roof is beautiful and fluid until it rains and my house falls apart and kills me.

Thomas Birkinshaw says:

You know salt dissolves in water, i.e. Rain

BetterBurnOut says:

Like your work nice to watch.
Sorry to ask cause it's not the subject…
But does anyone knows the name of that electric bike ?

Bryant Fernquist says:

Hai, How did you guys print with salt? I'm fascinated by this process and I'd like to know more about that…

davonizdashit says:

Can you upload the stl files to Thingiverse please?!

Allen Maker says:

New solutions is coming , when people are searching for it.
Smart projects that are inspiring !

Demetri Minotakis says:

Looks like you are living a dream and making cool new ones. Keep up the great work !

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