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Building Healthy Organic Garden Soil 101 & Farming: Receiving My Fall Leaves composting Material

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FREE Leaves are GOLD.Building Healthy Organic Garden Soil 101 & Farming: Receiving My Fall Leaves composting Material. Fall is that time of the year to receive one of 3 best Organic Gardening & Farming ground covers for your organic gardening vegetables beginners 101, there is not any secrets to it. Even Oak leaves and grass composting material is pure food for the soil. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)


William Walter says:

Hi Mark,Just stumbled in to your channel. Crazy how that oldest pile of leaves was already generating enough heat to produce "steam" when you knocked over the pile. This leads to a question. Having not explored your channel, do you think a biomeiler heater would benefit your farm? Cheers,   BillPS now onto more of your videos.

dalzamora222 says:

Do they charge you for the leaves or for transporting?
I approached the small city I live in and they said they do not allow any materials to leave their premises. Can you explain your process for obtaining the leaves?

Kal Red says:

Also, how do I know if any parks use any kind of chemicals??

Kal Red says:

I am getting my leaves from a PARK next to a LAKE and it has WATER TREATMENT Plant. Is it ok to use those leaves? Also I get leaves from other small parks where people might take DOGS for a walk and leaves might have dog poop. Is it ok to use them too?

GCHS Drumline says:

do you worry about yard chemicals in the delivered leaves?

Renee Brutvan says:

Hi again, just wondering why you don't till the clay soil before the leaf guy arrives and you spread them out. Also, can you do a video on what to do when? Also thanks again!

BustandBoom says:

Hey Mark, I hope you are doing ok in this heat ??? I have another question for you concerning your leaves and wood chips … Since they are collected from a municipality which are from homes spread across the County where you live and are they considered OMRI Organic coming from properties that may use petroleum based fertilizers to treat their lawns which will be absorbed by the trees as well ???

Laura Sinaguglia says:

Nice set up you have there!!  I like your furrower, it does not disturb the soil, sequestering carbon very helpful to the planet.  Do you ever till your soil or only add the thick layer of leaf mulch and then plant into the mulch?

Deborah Jabara says:

This is great! We are on a curve in our neighborhood, where everyone elses leaves end up in our entry way. I have mulched them and added them to my compost for years, but I will definitely use them for mulch instead of the bags I buy from garden stores.

Ed Donners says:

Nice video, just wonder if the presure done by the tractor doesn't compact the soil ? like with the no tillt gardering you even should avoid to walk over the garden beds.

Bryan Wickizer says:

Is this the first year you have covered your growing area? The reason I ask is the grass/weeds on the land, do they come back every year and you just cover them again? Either way, awesome video and way of growing. The argument you hear most often with no till/mulching is that its only applicable to small backyard gardeners (such as myself), its nice to see someone applying these smart ecological methods to the larger scale.

alan30189 says:

That tractor is great to have! You may want to put a sprinkler up to spray the piles while you turn them. Those leaves look very dry and will not decompose as fast unless evenly moist throughout the pile.

Carl Fisher says:

Awesome video…there were some things I was wondering about in terms of using the leaves. Where do you get your leaves from? Do you ever worry about getting Black Walnut leaves or other types of trash and debris that could affect your crops? Can leaves from neighbors that used miracles grow on the grass still be used in certified organic farming? Thanks

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