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California Gardening Garden Tour – May 2019 Organic Gardening Tips & Advice

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In today’s episode we look at the California Garden in the month of May 2019. In today’s episode we look at a lot of aspects of organic gardening – by beginning with a tour of the California Garden in May 2019.

We then look at all the harvests we made in our garden including cilantro, kohlrabi, mulberries, onions, peppers, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes.

We also look at some gardening tips, tricks, hacks and advice. We look at how to start summer vegetables and how to care for your raised bed garden.

We then look at some great products from VermiSterra including VermiSterra vermicompost and Vermisterra worm tea. We look at how to apply Vermisterra earthworm castings and earthworm tea in your garden.

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California Gardening says:

VermiSterra VermiCompost: https://amzn.to/2EN5Hg2

VermiSterra Worm Tea: https://amzn.to/2HN793M

DelfinManny says:

I started using vermisterra castings and tea and I could tell a huge difference!

bhoomi patel says:

Where can I get mulberry plant/ seed? I live in NorCal

Umaa Vijaykumar says:

Whats the variety of mulberry you grow

Farisa Smith says:

Can you eat kolrabi leaves ? They look like collard greens.

Erica Hernandez says:

My okras look the same yesterday 6/06/19 I was starting to get worried because I was seeing other people in California with okra with flowers while my Okra is like 2-4 inches tall šŸ™ˆ it does t help that we planted some in the soil and then moved them, even some we transplanted are not that big. Iā€™m in zone 10a

mchlmrtz says:

Is the fencing for rabbits or rats? We're having a terrible time with rats in our garden due to the huge green space behind our house here in Irvine.

Vrinda Bhalla says:

all I asked for was to buy a few avocado scions from you . I asked 3 times and no response.

lisacarpentersoares says:

This is my first year gardening in raised beds…I live in Orange County California. I only have room for four 4×4 raised beds. I'm using one for herbs, one for lettuce and kale and some peppers and eggplant. My other two beds have tomato plants. I have five in each bed and my tallest one is well over 6 feet. But just last week I noticed the leaves spotting with the yellow circle around the black spot. Looked it up on YouTube and it seems to be a fungus. I keep cutting it out and I sprayed with baking soda, detergent and canola oil (per several online suggestions to do this). The leaves are looking worse. There are lots of tomatoes growing though. Is there anything I can do and how does this affect my tomatoes? If they ripen are they still good to eat? What would you do? Thanks!

Little Bean's Garden says:

Great video. You strawberries looked awesome! I have heard so many good things about this company, I will look in to their products for sure šŸ˜Š

Chalindia Whaley says:

I never comment but I have been watching your video for years

Chalindia Whaley says:

I love Harvest videos thank you!!

Chalindia Whaley says:

You are a awesome Gardener!!

CustomGardenSolutions says:

Great garden tour and you provide such great detailed information. I learn something every time I watch your episodes. Very well done.

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