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Camp Goonies slab City off grid living sustainable living

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Adventure last free place in America Slab City Camp Goonies off-grid living


That Guy says:

Your camp is actually really cool!

Frank Ferris says:


Lisa Smith says:

Is Cave Man your brother? You said your brother wanted you to film yourself, so had to ask. Amazing what you have done. Found a video one night and now I’m obsessed with watching yours and also Cornelius, it’s fascinating. If I lived closer I would absolutely have to see it some day just to experience it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

howiboy says:

cool stuff dude

c r G says:

Man you guys are awesome . Man I want to come out there so bad . I live in CHESAPEAKE Virginia . I have never been far from home . Hey buddy I know that you don't know me but I was wondering if someone from out there would please send me some seeds . I think you know what kind I am trying to get . LOL 😁😁🙌 . I am very seed poor in CHESAPEAKE ! If I can send ya'll anything other than money or do anything for you please let me know . My name is Carl . I am going to be one of your new subscribers so if possible please give me a shout out . One more thing you have got one bad ass haircut I think I am going to do mine like yours . Tell coz and very one else i said hey !

Levi Hawk says:

First time viewer new sub… nice work on the homestead. This is what I have always thought of when I think of Slab City…this is how to do it right. Good vibes !

Zoomer Thanks says:

Good stuff!!!!!super!!!!

Marie Many says:

What an awesome job you done! Hope to visit one day ☺

Jon MacDonald says:

Don't be a wuss Kill the Pig!

426 Biggie says:

did you guys raid knotts berry farm?

camp goonies says:

not really coming into camp but there are snakes around mainly rattlesnakes but they stay away

Harley Davidson says:

Do snakes ever come into your camp? And if so what kind? That would be my biggest fear as I hate snakes.

MR Mitchell says:

camp goonies is getting a bad rap for rapville!!!!!!!!!!! js

Christen Lee says:

Very cool man!

Victor Manz says:

Government officials are taking bids to demo bulldoze Slab City start getting ur stuff out now!

Cecilia Later says:

Hope the Goonies kicked out that POS Rapist Nicholas Loefler.

Gibbs Gaming says:

so I see cavemans in goonies now lol I knew that Cornelius chick was a handful everyone around her seems to boogie

Laura Hirsch says:

I'm so happy I want to do the TRUFFLE SHUFFLE lol! I love your camp, love what yall are doing out there and I now know where I will be camping if I choose to come out there again! Which I will be. When I come out I usually ask what I can bring for donations, but I don't know how to contact you separately. Technically retarded a bit!

Tim Dibble says:

With all those animals it's nice to see donkey don't ask it's an inside joke between myself and my brother love ya man

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