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Chris Elliott and Gerard Mulligan's Tips For Green Living

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It’s eco-comedy with Chris and Gerry.


Neil McCann says:

Envirowacko's are a pack of losers. They are anti-business clowns. They never mention that a single volcanic eruption puts more CO2 into our atmosphere that all the internat combustion engines that were ever produced. Some of them up in Wisconsin have already banned power boats from their lakes. Only rowboats, kayaks, and electric trolling motors are allowed. These Prius driving snobs can't waterski or party with hot chicks so they ruin the other peoples fun . * and help eliminate jobs, too

j25482 says:

Ultimately, green living is healthy and safe. To find a vast range of green products for a green lifestyle you may visit, "for a green living (dot) com".

shdowops says:

Don't laugh. If the envirowacko's get their way, that is what everyone will be eating. Encouraged on by our idiot administration.

Mike Wright says:

I never post on these but Chris is the most underrated comedian in history. Give him a series!!!!!!!! Everything on your channel sucks so what's to lose?

Patrick Morgan says:

Composting with the Letterman crew!
How do you know when your compost is ready to use? Here's one way! Not one I'd recommend.

Yar Nosnibor says:

Chris Elliot is the king of irreverent sillyness.The most under rated funny person in the business

Kevin Tumlinson says:

if we really wanna save this planet we could just rape another planet and make it take all of the blame i guess u could say

TheTaskmaster says:

absolutely. funniest show…. probably a decade ahead of its time

DippyTV says:

I still think that the little things don't make up for whatever the big things are. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of reducing pollutants & making smarter products. I am against politicians making us feel guilty, carbon tax/carbon credit & feeling like we can fix this with force & power & worst…think we can really control it 100%. We need to use better judgment and think environmentally…while that may be the message the Green movement supporters want, its corrupt! in my humble opinion :]

booksandwildthings says:

Carbon Dioxide in normal levels is fine. The problem is that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is rising to a dangerous level. Everything may be fine for this generation, but sooner or later, we'll have the accept the fact that all of this pollution that we're ejecting into the air IS hurting our planet.

Even if we do only produce 3% of the world's CO2, that doesn't mean that we should just ignore the situation. Even if all you do is turn the lights off occasionally, every little bit helps.

DippyTV says:

I hope Chrissypants & Mulligan know that the Green movement is a bunch of compost! We only produce 3% of the earth's carbon, a natural element, which can't really be our #1 enemy, can it??

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