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Cities: Skylines Green Cities | PART 1 | ECO FRIENDLY

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ConflictNerd says:

To those complaining about the layout of the city I'm going to say one thing: Just don't watch, and maybe unsubscribe.

I literally say it in the video, while trying to actually breathe, that the layout works perfectly for the start of a city because it generates steady income and traffic moves around it easily. I also talk about how it's not the permanent layout we're going for as it's just a "battery." If you're too impatient to watch the video because you're frustrated by something that's been shown to work then, frankly, my Cities: Skylines videos ain't for you. I'm always going to go with the smart option to start a city, and then have fun with the design later on when the money's been made and the unlocks have been acquired and if you don't like that then go watch one of the, literally hundreds of, other Cities: Skylines creators.

I didn't almost kill myself making this video for you to be an entitled brat.

William Lycke says:

HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS UBTIL NOW? Hadn't watched your videos for a while and it was like you had been removed from youtube. A very scary side of youtube

Sniper says:

Holy shit, that intro was energetic – instantly subscribed

Ras_Dragonslayer says:

Havent watched this nerd in a while and god ive missed this voice


Hai….i have download and installed green cities..i have 8gb ram 2gb graphic and i5…but still my game gives small lag…how to fix this….???

Persich29 Gaming says:

Where's the airport CEO episodes

Gray Fullbuster says:

What do you call a stolen Tesla?

An Edison.

Ethan Kennedy says:

That city layout makes me want to nut lol

XCVIII says:

This looks so perfect. But when i tried to do this it looked nothing like this. Roads werent completely straight next to eachother

thomas Bagley says:

you are always ill, man up

2gaminghus says:


brandon playz says:

Can We Do more videos about Airport {thing} Because you can get more Subs and Views

Jayden Hardesty says:


Our Piped Dreams says:

You know I have grown past watching Lets plays as I have grown older, but for some reason you’re the only gamer I ever hit the bell icon for, so I see you in my email daily, and thus you’re the only gamer I still watch on occasion.

Asa Ackerman-Leist says:

Are you from Pennsylvania? You tend to leave out "to be", such as in "it needs connected". I like it, just curious.

Tb Army says:

Where is the castle story

WtfIsLife says:

Hey yo bra whrs the good sims 4 , air port ceo
gettin the hounds

Maximilian Gisler says:

I bet Conflict Nerd makes a living off of all of these ads. They're good, but damn… There are a lot. (This is not a negative comment. Just a realization)

Callum Styles says:

i want airport ceo
more than 5 episodes noooow

Spaß Trompete says:

What is this map called

nitin vaid says:

Which map is this??

L & M says:

I like your videos!!!

Spaß Trompete says:

Could you try to build the Barcelona super block ? It works great

Spaß Trompete says:

Yeah he is back with this game I love it when he play it

Get well soon 😉

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