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closed canopy organic gardening is food forest prep

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Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski shows off what he calls “closed canopy gardening” – the idea is to reduce the amount of sun that reaches the soil. You can hardly see the paths. This is an early phase for a food forest or for agro forestry. Already well beyond an organic garden.

As part of his presentation, he talks a little about: gooseberries, squash, (thornless) honey locust, calendula, mulberry, lovage, worm seed, peppers, dill, leeks, horseradish, asparagus, garlic chives, columbine, echincacia, pole beans, summer savory, lavendar, hissop, potatoes, burdock, grape, teasel, raspberries, black currants, chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus), hissop, erronia berry, radish, eastern black cherry, blue elderberry, silverberry, nitrogen fixing, seeds, seed pods, mulch, organic matter, photosynthesis, roots, plants, berries, fruit, bee forage, insect forage, trees, shrubs, wild crafting, legumes and thorns.

Organic gardening is just the beginning.

Music by Jimmy Pardo


Noah Beach says:

The problem with this system is the lack of market potential. It would be hard to gather enough fast enough and efficiently enough to make a living. That is the point of row cropping. You can still have great biodiversity with row cropping. Deep mulching with a different crop on each row would be fine.

Tonantzin says:

Wonder if the mulberry trees are in pots to transplant?

Thomas Wall says:

Watched again… Hope I am as happy a gardner as that soon 🙂

LKH Fun says:

Love Skeeter!!!

Growing With God says:

just awesome

Stephanie Martinez says:

How can I learn about all of those uncommon plants and their benefits? Seed catalogs don't seem to have that stuff.

Harry Hasek says:

+Arahan Turambar he said Shepherdia argentia https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=buffalo+berry&oq=buffalo+berry&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i61l3j69i65l2.4622j0j4&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=119&ie=UTF-8#q=shepherdia+argentea. peace

eeakster08 says:

Ha ha you are awesome

Javaman92 says:

I was really enjoying this, but the ending was the best yet.  Thanks I needed that smile more than you can know!  😀

Andrew Kraynik says:

This ruuuullllzzz!

Pedro Domingo says:

mate this guy has totally found the love ,back in the day he was  a row planter

Duy Nguyen says:

you got a great diversity of wealth there.

Liz says:

beautiful…. a true oasis, you have inspired me, keep up the great work

The Lightning American says:

@Jesse Taylor

"Cannabis". And I don't think he would take that big a risk.

Cory Collins says:

wow. so far this is my favorite video in the series. i am inspired.

amorfini498 says:

Where does this man live ?

peacockman00 says:

just in this video there were currants, raspberries and potatoes…

Grant N says:

I'm confused, should I follow the spacing on the seed package, and continually harvest or not?


I was thinking the same thing. There are many medicinal plants to sell but I do not see any real food.

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